Classical adventure movies that is excellent I had watched

These are just a few of the best adventure movies in the past 60 years, but each one adopts a cool and unique way of action in the plot, making it entertaining in itself. Some of them are classics; Some may surprise you.

‘The Hunt for Red October’
The first Tom Clancy / Jack Ryan Book adapted as a feature adventure movie is a keen observation of Cold War politics (frustratingly, it still resonates today). Sean Connery’s “Russian” (Scottish) accent is rubbish, but who cares – the chase story of submarine cat and mouse is cool. Admittedly, the female role is basically zero, but on the other hand: the handsome young Courtney B. Vance!

‘Black Panther’
To a large extent, it is not only considered to be one of the best Marvel movies,but also a good adventure movie. If not the best – it won the first Oscar for best picture in the superhero film – the Panther also has a first-class action story. After his father died, tchala became king of vakanda and quickly realized the chaos of his rule. There is a valuable enemy looking at the throne (Michael B. Jordan) and the best supporting actors (Lupita nyeono, Danai gurilla, Daniel Kalua, Angela Bassett and Forrest Whitaker, to name a few), which is a masterpiece of performance and action. This is also the eternal proof of the late Chadwick Bosman (opened in the new label), who secretly filmed Marvel films during colon cancer treatment. You will never know – his powerful presence emanates through the screen.

‘North by Northwest’
Alfred Hitchcock’s later adventure movie paved the way for the arrival of action films. It has a sense of the age of advertising maniacs, including cold war espionage and a false identity case. This film contains some of the most iconic scenes (including the painful plane chase in the cornfield). This is Casablanca from the action movie.

Like terminator and star wars, this is both an adventure movie and a science fiction movie.But it takes the first movie as the premise (an alien’s chest bursts into a disgusting devil bug in deep space) and enters eleven o’clock. More characters. More weapons. More aliens. More signey Weaver killed him 100% as a villain, both a mother and a murderer in the same scene.

‘Die Hard’
Ah, my favorite movie. Today, the film is a tribute to the massive return of the 1980s and the glory of Alan Rickman (R.I.P., one of the best actors of any generation). However, in essence, this is a rhythmic action event that never lags behind or loses its way. Although the number of people is increasing, it is always very interesting. Bonnie Bedelia is the best. An adventure movie with intentions.

‘Riders of Justice’
MADS Mikkelsen’s character is a soldier who lost his wife in an “accident”, which may actually be murder. His pursuit of revenge was ignited, and he was unstoppable. Mikkelsen has always chosen interesting and counterintuitive projects, but this project is very suitable for him. It takes advantage of many “running around and fighting” skills he honed as a villain in Dr. strangeness, but it adds a lot of emotional weight. Yes, this is a foreign language adventure movie, but don’t let it stop you. It makes the heart beat faster in the best way.

‘Inside Man’
Spike Lee took over the robbery movie and the result was excellent. There are clever comments about race, justice and class, which is a typical feature of Li’s film, but it is combined with a story that will not relax. We know who dunnit from the beginning, but the reason and way (as Clive Owens explained to us with a smile) need to be found out. If you’ve never seen it, I promise you won’t guess the ending in advance.It is a outstanding adventure movie.