The 6 best Action movies of 2021

1. Die Hard

In the 1980s, action movie were often the patent of muscle men, who used serial shooting to achieve unlimited volume. At the end of this decade, a TV comedian and a science fiction / horror director made an action movie about ordinary schmoe at the wrong time and place… And inadvertently made the greatest action movie ever. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that John McClane is a product of the 1980s (only Holly McClane’s hair and Ellis’s coke habit are the symbols of that era), but that’s why you become an eternal classic.


Imagine aliens being announced in our current social media era. “Aliens are perfect – leave it alone!” The Internet will bleat. “Get some original ideas, Hollywood!” Of course, the Internet is wrong. James Cameron, a former FX man at that time, directed a low-cost sci-fi movie called Terminator (plus piranha 2: flight killer). He extrapolated Radley Scott’s Gothic space horror movie into a war movie, expanding the myth in the process. We’ve met huggers and aliens before. But now, in the most shocking scene of the movie, we have a queen…

3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Action, rhythm, Sarah Connor’s biceps, smart early switching, you think Arnie is the bad guy and Robert Patrick is the good guy – just you’re wrong – and further thinking about what time travel means for the present is effective But what really surprised us was FX and the set. Incredibly, they hardly ever date.

4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Nazis, RA’s staff and a boulder the size of a small house were Harrison Ford’s daily arrangements during his first Indian outing. The protagonist of Archaeology (proteologist?) It may not sound so exciting, but stevenSpielberg and George Lucas’ franchise follow-up to Star Wars has been successful at all levels, especially when they did not take themselves too seriously. Smaller prequels and sequels followed, but [raiders] consolidated Ford’s position as a Hollywood heavyweight. A good thing beyond recognition.

5. Seven Samurai

With the perfect integration of action and role, East and West, blockbuster and art works, Akira Kurosawa entered the samurai school for the first time and is one of the great masterpieces of any language. The great director created unique and unforgettable characters from seven hapless samurai. They were hired to protect a poor rural area from bandits. He showed his hero as a round but dignified outcast – the noble leader of Hiroshi Shimura and the crazy mania of minro Sancho were the best of them. All people’s lives are here, just like the greatest battle scene in the movie: the climax duel in the rain is the material of the movie legend…

6. Predator

John McTiernan’s second work proves that ordinary works can be promoted to absurd greatness by suitable directors and actors. In this action movie ,McTiernan mixed the war movies of the mission with the horror movies of aliens / there were no horror movies at that time. McTiernan made some cunning attacks on the action types, and some homosexuals worth moaning – but more or less expressionless. It is full of iconic moments, such as the destruction of the ol’painless jungle and the last single army mud war. It can be said that Arnold has never been better…

That’s all,what we commend for you ,the 6 best Action movies of 2021.