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Onlive Server Offers Israel VPS Server with Firewall

If you’re looking to host your website with a reliable web hosting company, Onlive Server offers Israel VPS servers in Tel Aviv and is hosted in their state-of-the-art data center facility. We provide expert 24/7 customer support to ensure that your website stays running at all times and we offer an array of other features […]


Description of Ransomware (RAAS) as a Service (RAAS)

Everybody is at risk of a cyber-attack due to the high number of malware found on the internet. Cybercriminals have adopted a new way to hold surfers at ransom by offering ransomware as a service (RAAS). Basically, they have copied the model used by software as a service. This increased spread of ransomware as their […]

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Buy Cloud VPS Hosting To Upgrade Your Business Performance

Cloud VPS Hosting Introduction: Businesses of all sizes are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their operations. One of the latest trends in business technology is Cloud VPS Hosting. So, what is it, and how can it advantage your business websites? Cloud VPS is a type of hosting that uses a virtual […]

South Korea VPS

All You Need to Know About Onlive Server’s South Korea VPS

There are certain advantages that South Korea VPS hosting has to offer over regular shared hosting and vice versa. But the biggest difference between the two lies in the hardware used to run your website, as this hardware can make or break your site’s performance. A dedicated server will give you the highest level of […]

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Ingenious Ways You Can Get Your Best Cloud VPS Provider

Introduction: Many people are still unsure of what it means. Our team of professionals understands the benefits of cloud hosting, which is why we offer it to our valued customers. If you’re looking for the Best cloud VPS Provider company, look no further than Onlive Server. We’re the best cloud VPS provider you’ll find, and […]

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Suitable Places to Look for A Best Cloud VPS Provider |Onlive Server|

Introduction: There are different types of Virtual Private Server hosting service providers in the market. Onlive Server is the best Cloud VPS hosting provider. We are the Best Cloud VPS Provider, SSD VPS hosting, and High-Speed VPS hosting services at a very affordable price. Our Cloud VPS hosting services are faster and more reliable than […]


What to do if Macbook Get Damaged by Water?

Have you ever had a Macbook that has been harmed by water? We carry our Macbooks around with us all day, they are vulnerable to harm. It is such a crucial part of our life we couldn’t go a single minute without it. It has fallen several times and just received small scratches. But if […]


How to dual boot macOS with Windows 10-Ultimate guide

For people who are very choosy in terms of what operating systems, they prefer to use, one of the best choices is to use dual boot macOS with Windows 10. Apple laptops have always been a bit complicated when it comes to upgrading to newer operating systems, especially since the older version was simply not […]


best wireless mouses for gaming in 2021

Best wireless mouses for gaming in 2021 The mouse is in fact an important tool kit for any computer or laptop. Without it, no one can work on a PC. And on a laptop, it is pretty time taking to use a touchpad for scrolling and clicking. So, you always, need to have a mouse […]