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Documentary Filmmaking: Everything You Need To Know About

A documentary is a film or video examining an event or person based on facts. The word can also refer to anything involving documents. As the documentary deals with facts and reality, it sheds light on various unseen phases and points of any happening in history. The documentary may use facts and figures as well […]


To get good horror movies to watch

Fresh Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan, with perfect cast, played in this nightmare of turning rom com into a cannibal. They wonderfully constructed a budding romance in 33 minutes, and then released a sharp turn and a dark comedy title sequence. Stan, as an illegal salesman, unexpectedly deviated from the track, and he was […]


Good musical movies worth watching again and again

Les Miserables (2012) In this 19th century sobbing French musical movie, I keep my face tissue handy. Among them, a former criminal named Jean Valjean adopted an orphan named Cosette after his mother died. As France began to split before the Paris uprising in 1832, Jean Valjean’s former jailer and police officer Javert continued to […]


FK Ludo: The Ultimate fun side-hustle

Jaipur,  Rajasthan – Aug 20, 2022 – FK Ludo is a web game that can be played and enjoyed with friends and family. It is an upshot of Achiever Cloud Solution Pvt. Ltd. Both Android and iOS operating systems support this game without any issues. This game offers a lot of entertaining and rewarding features. […]


Sean Whalen & Richard Tyson Star in Domestic Violence Drama ‘Finding Nicole’ Based on CNN Doc

Sean Whalen (Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs, Twister) and Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down, There’s Something About Mary), have joined the real life domestic abuse drama Finding Nicole, based on the Chris Cuomo-fronted CNN doc Inside Evil – Until Death Do Us Part. This film chronicles the life of domestic abuse survivor and […]


How to Write a Movie Review

If you want to know how to write a movie review, you are on the right page. Movie review is a part of College Students’ writing papers. Although many students who love movies find it interesting, others don’t. Movie reviews don’t mean writing about what happens in a movie. Instead, it involves a critical assessment. […]


What documentary movies are good to watch on Dogesflix

The documentary movie connects us all. When it comes to documentary movies, most viewers tend to collect the essence of real life from a combination of historical footage, photos, talking heads, pre recorded audio, body travel or simple daily tasks. It is undeniable that even if you are looking at something obviously biased, you will […]


3 crime movies that inspire your inner detective

It is no secret that crime movies are one of the most eye-catching movies in Hollywood. Perhaps this is how they balance their actions with more serious themes, such as dirty politics, racism and corruption in the criminal justice system. Or maybe it’s just excitement to see how the crime planners are trying to carry […]


History movies in the world

It’s not easy to make history movies based on historical events. Filmmakers must strike a delicate balance between engrossing storytelling and historical accuracy. Cram in so many historical details that the story suffers and everyone but the people who love history the most will ignore or bash you and your movie won’t make any money. […]