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The journey was not easy to her destination” But she is “Cinderella”

When there are so many stories on Cinderella already, the first question that comes to mind is, “What’s new in this movie?” Kay Cannon who write and directed this film is popularly known for her work on Pitch perfection and Blockers. The conventional theatrical version’s (beautiful) Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtrack and fairy-tale premise have been replaced with mash-up pop tunes and a modernized, feminist storyline in this Cinderella edition. The film’s dazzling cast features pop diva Camila Cabello as the titular “Ella,” as well as Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, and Billy Porter, who plays a gender-bent fairy godmother known as Fab G.

Cabello’s Cinderella appears to be determined to pursue her ambition of establishing a dressmaking store, Dresses by Ella, in the trailer, and escapes from the prince out of fear of a life without purpose. We also catch a peek of Billy Porter as the fairy godmother, as well as comedians Romesh Ranganathan and James Acaster as mice transformed into footmen alongside James Corden.

There are various variations to this well-known fairy-tale-like main character who wished to be a designer in this “Cinderella.” She has a fantastic godmother, and there’s a backstory behind her stepmother’s harshness, but most importantly, she has a true purpose to attend the Royal Ball. Prince Robert’s sister is another significant character in this film.

“I’ve been happing to see this version of ‘Cinderella in my childhood because I do think many of us would see themselves in her that maybe couldn’t before,” said writer-director Kay Cannon.

regardless of the fact that the pop-driven musical has been praised by critics, Cannon stands behind the different adjustments, giving Ella some career ambition, eliminating a few logistical loopholes, and changing the story’s climax.

You don’t know this “Cinderella” if you think you know Cinderella. This narrative goes into great length on the changes made to the famous story, especially the ending, so if you’d rather not know before you see it, stop reading now and go see this new film.

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