What is the Best Windows Reseller Hosting?

Windows reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting that can be allocated to individual webmasters for each of the resources such as bandwidth, disk, server area, control panel along with others while wholesalers can handle these tools. Ordinarily, Windows Reseller Hosting is supplied by a large and expert internet hosting service firm. Facing a […]


New Structure of cPanel Licensing: How it Affects on Reseller Hosting?

Most of us are aware of the cPanel announcing a change in the method of charging their cPanel licenses fee. They moved from the “per server” to the “per account” model, which would result in an increase in the overall cPanel licensing costs of the users from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The […]


How to set up 3 monitors on a laptop or PC?

Having multiple monitors to use with your PC can be a game changer for several functions including of course gaming, multi-tasking and an overall increased aesthetic and functionality. That’s why, a triple monitor set up or even with multiple monitors, is getting popular. I have surfed all over the web to find a simple and […]


What are the Risks of Custom ERP Software?

Custom or standard ERP software? I find that this is a question that plays a role in many manufacturing companies. Although custom ERP software often fits the company well, you can manage it entirely yourself and it is inexpensive, but there are also some limitations. More and more manufacturing companies recognize this. The introduction of […]

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Things Your UKRAINE VPS SERVER Must Have

Ukraine VPS server is a form of internet hosting that involves the rental of the web machine inside a storage computer. VPS sharing is built on free technologies, which enables a server to provide several VPSs, each running as a different program. By purchasing VPS, you receive an assured number of tools to comply with a […]


General Printer issue

hp printer repair service in Dubai also Fix hp printer problem Paper jam The main and general issue with the printer is paper jam, it means that paper is stuck inside the printer and printer is not working.  There are many reasons for paper jam some of them are given below. Sensor Issue: There is Optical […]


Fix: Discord microphone does not work

Discord microphone does not work. Discord doesn’t detect your microphone? Here’s how to solve it. What can I do if my microphone isn’t working in the Windows 10 Discord app? A quick way to fix this is to grant applications microphone access. In some cases, the Discord settings and the audio settings do not match. […]


Why Digital Marketing Services are Essential for your Business Success

Digital marketing is the backbone of any corporate communication department of a corporate house. Without the right digital marketing strategy you won’t have the option to connect with your purchasers and target audience. Everybody is well informed these days, and each uses a cell phone. They stay in contact with everybody through this cell phone. […]


Some tips for choosing the best video security system.

A well-designed video security system can deter criminals, protect a home or business, alert users to events, and provide evidence when something goes wrong. In addition to these objectives, an appropriate security camera system must be easy to install and use, to provide users with the peace of mind they deserve. Unfortunately, many home and […]


How to Create a Digital Brand Strategy for Optimal Growth

Creating a digital brand strategy isn’t that simple as it appears, and it needs proper visualization, research and item information. Importance of digital brand strategy can be analyzed through the statistics gave by Managing Digital Marketing concentrate by Smart Insights. According to the research, 46% of brands don’t have a customized digital marketing strategy, and […]