A Interesting Thriller Movie: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

What is the best thriller movie in 2015? One of the candidates should be A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Here is the plot of it. Arash, a young, hardworking Iranian man, lives with and cares for his drug-addicted father, Hossein. They are harassed by a ruthless drug dealer pimp named Syed, who hijacks […]


The importance of history movie

Nothing can bring history to life like the big screen. Even if they’re not 100% historically accurate, many history movies can help us look further into the topic and the true story surrounding it. History movies have introduced me to so many interesting people and events throughout history. It sticks better. Visual learners make up […]


5 adventure movies on dogesflix you can’t miss

Adventure movies are one of the most difficult types to define, but like some other types of movies: “when you see it, you know what it is.” Adventure is grand, exciting, and usually epic. It usually focuses on the people who shoulder the mission. Its purpose includes reputation, wealth and glory. The best adventure movies can […]


The 6 best Action movies of 2021

1. Die Hard In the 1980s, action movie were often the patent of muscle men, who used serial shooting to achieve unlimited volume. At the end of this decade, a TV comedian and a science fiction / horror director made an action movie about ordinary schmoe at the wrong time and place… And inadvertently made […]


The 3 Best Adventure Movies on Dogesflix

We picked out the best adventure movie of 2022 on Dogesflix, and let’s face it, we all find ourselves stuck to the couch way too much these days.  We hope these outdoor films and documentaries, from life-affirming epics to documentaries documenting human endurance, will inspire you to come out of hibernation.  As of this writing […]


25 Best Teen Romance Movies on Netflix

Are you still looking for a fun romance movie for the next all night party? It’s always a good idea to all the boys I used to love Or just want to watch some super sweet videos with your partner? Netflix has many romance movies for any occasion. Some of the films on this list […]


Three top animated films

Wallace and Gromit in the curse of man and rabbit (2005) Not every film can select two beloved freeze frame animation characters from a series of short films and TV specials, and put them on the big screen to produce a cheerful, hammer inspired comedy. But we rabbit is just one reason why no one […]


Five of the best comedy movies of all time

Comedy movies have long been the main content of American films. Although they were important throughout the early 1900s, they are becoming more popular today. That’s why we think it’s time to see the greatest comedy movies so far. When aggregating the best comedies, comment aggregators take into account a variety of factors: the year […]

Cinderella - Reason of winning over the internet
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The journey was not easy to her destination” But she is “Cinderella”

When there are so many stories on Cinderella already, the first question that comes to mind is, “What’s new in this movie?” Kay Cannon who write and directed this film is popularly known for her work on Pitch perfection and Blockers. The conventional theatrical version’s (beautiful) Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtrack and fairy-tale premise have been […]