25 Best Teen Romance Movies on Netflix

Are you still looking for a fun romance movie for the next all night party? It’s always a good idea to all the boys I used to love Or just want to watch some super sweet videos with your partner? Netflix has many romance movies for any occasion. Some of the films on this list have stood the test of time, while others are so bad that they are good (or at least worth laughing at). In addition, we also included Netflix’s new and immediately classic series (kiss booth, does anyone know?)
So, put on the facial mask, make a big bowl of popcorn, and lie comfortably in the quilt, because there is enough incredible romance movie here to let you spend a weekend.

Midnight sun
An aspiring musician with unusual sensitivity to light lived in her dream when she met a long-term secret love and just lived next door to her.

Kissing booth 3
Why is it so hard to say goodbye? The kiss booth 3 makes the audience’s mood fluctuate like a roller coaster. Ellie makes a choice between going to college with her boyfriend Noah and her childhood best friend Noah’s brother Li.

Engulfed by the waves
Sicily is the perfect setting for the romance between Sarah and Lorenzo. A debilitating disease will prove whether their love can stand the test of time.

Turn the tide
A former child star went to Australia after the pressure of becoming a superstar became unbearable. What could be better than finding true love in the journey of finding yourself?

To all the boys, forever
After joining Lara Jean, she made a big decision about her future in her last year of high school, including her boyfriend Peter.

pay by card
The big man on campus (Noah sendino) recruited his nerd roommate to develop an app for dating. What could go wrong?

Two words: Noah Santino. Spf-18 tracked four teenage children who began a life changing summer.

Must… Love
A tomboy named Patricia fell in love with her best friend Ivan. She decided to change her way to win his heart.

All the freckles in the world
A geek teenager decided to sign up for a new sport to win the hearts of the most popular girl in school.

A girl who is allergic to Wi Fi
Norma learned that she was allergic to her most precious thing, Wi Fi. She must leave the power grid to protect her health and find love at the most unexpected time.

Half of love
In the small town of squahamish, Ellie Chu agreed to write a love letter to Paul munsky so that he could impress the popular girl Astor. However, when she faced her feelings for Astor, the whole situation became chaotic.

Kiss and cry
The story is adapted from a real story. When Carley Allison found out that she had a rare cancer, her life changed completely.

After hearing that a teenager in Indiana was forbidden to attend her prom because she wanted to take a girl as her date, a group of Broadway stars wanted to restore their image and decided to save her, but the results were mixed.

Candy can
The two students of the debate club decided to work together so that they could enter the school of their dreams. They soon found that there were more relationships with each other than they had initially imagined.

All the bright places
Theodore and violet fell in love, and their world was turned upside down by their encounter. However, not everything is as good as it seems. As they began their new adult lives, things began to change.

To all boys 2: P.S. I still love you
While the love between Peter K and Lara Jean continued to develop, a secret love object of her once appeared in her life again, and she needed to make some important decisions.

Kissing booth 2
Ellie and Noah continue their relationship, and Noah is going to college on the other side of the United States. But the couple soon realized that long-distance love was not as easy as they initially thought.

Tall girl
Jody is the tallest girl in the class, which makes dating very difficult. However, when a new foreign exchange student joined her school, she believed that this was her chance to finally find true love.

To all the boys I used to love
If you haven’t seen this classic Netflix romantic comedy, you’ve missed it. When all the secret love letters from her past were mysteriously sent to her former secret lovers, Laura Jane Covey cooperated with one of them.

Dr. Strangelove by Alex
Alex truelove starts dating his best friend Claire, and they decide to go further. However, he began to question his sexuality and met a man at a party.

After entering the first year of college, Tessa Young’s world changed dramatically because she met Harding Scott, a local bad boy.

Let it snow
A group of young people find their lives intertwined because they try to navigate their love life and friendship during the holiday.

When we first met
After hearing the news of his secret lover’s engagement, Noah went back to the past and tried to start a relationship with her before she met

Perfect date
In order to make some extra money before going to college, Brooks developed an application that allows girls to ask him to go out on a date and pretend to be the perfect man. However, he soon found that falsifying his identity could not help him find the GI of the 99 year classic she is everything. Addison ray played an influential man whose task was to turn an unpopular guy into a prom king.

Whether you like to immerse yourself in dazzling romance or giggle in embarrassing farce, romantic comedy is the perfect intersection of film types. These movies touch your heartstrings and your laughter bones at the same time. The best thing is that you can always expect a happy ending – it’s perfect when you want to get rid of your dating disaster.