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Romance movie news about Housefull

“House Ful” is a romance movie directed by Shaji Khan and starring Akshay Kumar. The romance movie tells the story of Aarush, the most unlucky little man in the world.

Romance Movie Audience Evaluation
Akshay Kumar is famous for several Khiladi (Player, Player, Winner) movies in the 90s and is known as Khiladi Kumar in Bollywood. In the film, the actor Arush plays the worst loser in life (Loser), which is a funny contrast in itself. There is also the fantasy of the wedding night, which is also a comedy effect caused by the contrast of reality.
But other than that, the beginning of the film is mostly clumsy jokes, not interesting.
After the main characters are played, the jokes become interesting. Claiming that “white lies are not lies”, the people in the play have been self-defeating time and time again, sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of lies. When I watched it, I admired the screenwriter, there are so many whimsical ideas. But after watching “Full House 2”, the complexity of the lie has doubled, and the screenwriter is simply showing off his skills.
Last but not least, the British royal family, including the Queen. India really has an inexplicable and unclear feeling towards its former colonial suzerain.

Romance movie Director:
Sajid Khan
Anvita Dutt,Sajid Khan,Sajid Nadiadwala
Countries of origin:
Hindi, Gujarati
Release date:
April 30, 2010
Sound mix:
Dolby Digital