Which Bed Size Is Best for Couples

There are many elements that influence the size of the mattress you choose. For example, it is the number of people sharing the bed, size of the bedroom, personal preferences, and sleeping habits. Getting the right size mattress for you and your partner is a struggle. You may think of one as very large the other as very small and end up in a dilemma. But let’s discuss the ideal size of mattress suitable for all kinds of couples because the right sized mattress gives absolute comfort and peace of mind.

1- Double Mattress: 

A double mattress is one of the suitable mattresses for couples as it provides ample space for sleeping. The dimensions of the double mattress are 4 feet wide and 6 feet and three inches long. It is more suitable for a single person as it gives more room to a single person. But couples can share it too, but it will be a little constrained than the others. If you buy double mattress, you must be prudent about the size of the bedroom and your heights to make sure it provides the acquaintance to your comfort and space available.


 a- It is the best option for two shorter people who are not active sleepers.

 b- A double mattress is a good pick for couples with limited room space.

 c- Also, with a double mattress, you get a slightly small size from the Queen mattress at a low price.

 d- It is favourable for couples who love to cuddle and do not want to have a personal space within one mattress. 


 a- A double mattress is a headache for couples who are active sleepers, as they may fell off the mattress anytime.

 b- For tall couple above a height of 6” will also find it uncomfortable to fit themselves on it.

 c- Also, it is not that must cheaper than a queen mattress that gives more space than a double mattress.

2- Queen Mattress: 

The second option for buying a mattress for a couple is a Queen mattress. It provides more space than a double mattress as its dimensions are 60 by 80 inches. It provides extensive legroom and extra space for couples to cuddle and have a comfortable sleep. It is too big for an individual and very accurate for couples.


 a- This mattress is very suitable for tall couples.

 b- It adequately fits in a master bedroom.   

 c- Adding a little more money to the cost of a double mattress, you can get a spacious and comfortable queen mattress.

 d- It is spacious plus manageable to move from one place to the other.


 a- It is not favourable for couples who are running short of room space.

 b- Some couples still feel it as being narrow.  

3- King Mattress: 

It won’t be wrong to say a king mattress is a luxury mattress for both single and couples. They are extra spacious and provide extra-large legroom and overall space, as their dimensions are 76”×80”. It is very spacious that couples can share it with their kids.


 a- These mattresses are very spacious.

 b- They give a luxurious feeling.


 a- They are more expensive than other mattress choices for couples.

 b- Most couples do not want such an enormous mattress.

 c- It consumes a maximum of room space.

 d- It is spacious but unmanageable to carry from one place to the other.

Bottom Line: 

The mattress options for couples are double/Full, Queen, and King mattress, which have their own distinct qualities. You can choose any one of the above according to your preferences, sleeping habits, and room space.

Noah Brookes
Noah Brookes
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