ECHEMI “2021 China Industrial Internet Top 100 List”

ECHEMI was selected into the “2021 China Industrial Internet Top 100 List”

On December 1, the 2021 China Jiangsu E-Commerce Conference and China Industrial Internet Annual Conference opened in Nanjing. This conference released a number of key awards for the industrial Internet in 2021, including the “2021 China Top 100 Industrial Internet List”, and the ECHEMI platform was selected into the “2021 China Top 100 Industrial Internet List”!

The ECHEMI platform is the world’s leading B2B service platform in the chemical industry, serving more than 10,000 suppliers and 70,000 buyers worldwide. In 2021, a new revision of the ECHEMI platform supplier system will be launched, giving online users more abundant and comprehensive rights; the upgraded trade data service function and the chemical industry-wide data column for overseas users will provide more digital support for users at home and abroad, The ECHEMI platform is serving global users in more dimensions to carry out online business.

It is reported that the “China Industrial Internet Conference” hosted by is held once a year and has been held for 7 sessions so far. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the heads of industrial Internet companies in China have participated in the conference. As an industry annual conference, the conference will continue to cover all walks of life in the Industrial Internet, and comprehensively display the latest developments and changes in the Industrial Internet from the dimensions of government and think tanks, new concepts, new patterns, and new cooperation.

With the acceleration of the digitalization process, the main battlefield of the Internet is developing from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet is profoundly affecting all aspects of economic and social development, and will reshape the entire industrial pattern and economic form. In the future, the ECHEMI platform will focus more on digital supply chain services, continue to upgrade the platform to comprehensively enhance users’ online experience, aggregate more global high-quality resources and promote the digital development of the chemical industry!