How to address the challenges facing chemical manufacturer?

For the requirements of OSHA, DHS, HCS, cfats, reach, FDA, etc., the updating and modification of regulations, the new compliance requirements and the demand of continuous adjustment are some unique challenges that special chemical manufacturer have to face every day. We are well aware of these challenges because we have been working with specialized chemical manufacturing customers for more than 20 years.

What are the five challenges for specialty chemical manufacturers?

So far, the biggest challenge our specialty chemicals customers are talking about is the regulatory changes and requirements on them every day. The speed of these changes is very fast and includes all kinds of related costs and work.

The second challenge is the rising cost of raw materials and products, and the way the market changes and affects these costs.

The third challenge is global competition and the pursuit of higher quality at lower cost.

Our customers tell us that mergers and acquisitions are the fourth challenge. We will hear such questions: “is the right business system in place to adapt to a new merger or acquisition?” is the existing business system scalable? ”

Finally, the fifth challenge our specialty manufacturing customers care about is new product development. Executives want to know “is the right product being developed?” what are the costs? What are the time limits? ”

Solving five professional chemical challenges with technology

Is your company facing these challenges? Choosing the right technology platform, including the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, is the best starting point. The following are four features to be considered in ERP solution:

Consider a business system that meets global rules. The system should provide standard process documentation, operation and result tracking and logging, batch traceability and project cradle to grave tracking, so as to provide confidence in your ability to implement effective recall procedures. Consider a system that provides visibility and cost control. The new system should provide real-time inventory tracking so you can adjust forecasts and inventory to help ensure adequate supply and demand. Make sure the new system is flexible and scalable to accommodate organic, merger and acquisition growth, and provide multi currency and multi language capabilities so your company can compete globally.

If you want to start addressing some of these challenges now or in the future, let’s help. We are one of the largest distributors of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP is one of the fastest growing ERP solutions for the world’s leading software companies. Dynamics AX is sold by partners only and can now be used in the cloud or in the premise. We have more than 20 years of experience in helping specialty chemical manufacturers address industry-specific challenges, including meeting regulatory requirements and providing real-time insight into product costs. With axes, we can help you:

Manage product compliance, including material safety data sheets

Real time insight into cost trends

Use data analysis to make positive decisions

Provides complete batch property tracking