Use the fresh ginger gown at your home

Ginger is used in a number of dishes nowadays but it has its origin in India. It was first cultivated by Indian farmers but then brought by Arab people to their countries and this way ginger gradually reached the whole world. The ginger plant can grow in tropical areas, so places, where people face extreme cold, cannot grow ginger.

Method of growing ginger which is not so difficult

In order to grow ginger at home, it would be better to get a big piece of it because the bigger the ginger is the bigger the plant would be. The big piece will have more eyes on it from where the plant will grow. You can get this piece from any healthy plant or from any nursery. There are many nurseries available online which provide seeds of various plants. People can also order plants online from those who are so indulged in their work that they do not get time for gardening. A dry piece of ginger should not be used but the fresh one. You can cut the different buds of ginger and sow them by leaving some space in between them. This will help the plant to get proper air and light. For growing any plant, the soil must have nutrition in it for which you can compost like vermicomposting, cow dung, or horse dung. There are also companies that sell soil mixture for different kinds of plants. Next, you should put the piece of ginger into the soil mixture and do not need to put it too deeply. Then, water the soil thoroughly. This plant loves humid conditions therefore should be given more water to make the soil loamy. You should place the pot in a shady place as ginger grows in semi-shady or shady areas.  After six or seven days, you can see the leaves of ginger. What would be the structure of the leaves and stems? Well, you will see up straight stems with long leaves. Ginger can grow after six to nine months depending upon the type of ginger plant. When you see the leaves and stems of this plant drying out without any reason, then you should understand that your ginger is ready.

Flowers of the ginger plant

People also grow this herb because they find this gorgeous owing to its captivating flowers. Different species of ginger plants can have blooms of distinct shapes. These blooms grow in clusters and are mostly pink or white color. This plant after blooming of its flowers looks quite alluring.

How to take care of your ginger plant?

Every plant needs some care and attention and so the ginger plant. The leaves of this plant turn brown at its tips when it is not watered properly, so you must give water to this plant regularly.  While watering, you should not damage the leaves of the plant by splashing water on them. You should gently give them water using a water sprinkler. This plant must also be protected from cold and you can place the plant indoors for sometimes to protect it from frost.         

Why should one have a ginger plant at one’s home?

One can buy this herb from the market for use in culinary but it would be better if one has its plant grown in one’s garden. There are many reasons for it which are discussed as follows.  

  1.     Better flavor and aroma

When people use fresh herbs while cooking, then their pleasant smell can reach to their neighborhood places. This can make people feel like eating the dish. Fresh herbs have more aroma than those available in ready-made packages or containers. These would have more flavors.

  1.     Organic food without chemicals

These herbs are nowadays available in ready-made packages which can have preservatives in them for keeping the food fresh for a long time. These chemicals are not there in freshly plucked ginger or other herbs. When you buy ginger from greengrocers, there can be pesticides and insecticides on the same. Purchasing organic food can decrease the spread of pesticides and insecticides in the air and water bodies, consequently aid in reducing pollution. This would be a positive addition to this if you grow ginger in your home garden. You obviously do not like to consume any chemical, so you do not spray any of them on your ginger plant. There are many online nurseries where you can do online shopping of plants and buy small ginger plants or plants of other herbs.  

Health benefits of ginger

Herbs have been used for treating many ailments and there are no side effects of using these as in the case of medicines. This herb even has a count of advantages for a person who consumes it. If you have a problem of nausea then you can eat this before traveling to any hilly area or any zig-zag area. The chemical present in ginger digest any food present in the stomach and thus, reduce the chance of vomiting. In addition, blood circulation enhances after consuming ginger. It is an innately hot food item that provide warmth to the body and in result increases blood circulation. Moreover, people also make ginger lemon tea for improving immunity. This tea is made by adding three main ingredients which are ginger, lemon, and honey. Lemon contains vitamin c and other antioxidants which assist in detoxifying the body. Honey reduces the bitterness of this tea and provides energy to the body. Any kind of pain or ache is reduced with the consumption of ginger herb as this has anti-inflammatory properties.