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27 th September 2020, Noida
It is difficult to have a functional home where homeware and kitchenware aren’t given any kind of
importance. As a homemaker, it is vital for you to pay proper attention to the needs of your house in
terms of utilities. Since not all kitchenware can be used as there are a variety of items and quality, it is
important for you to be careful when buying items for the kitchen or home. Check their quality,
durability, and safety, this might seem a little daunting, this is why it will be beneficial for you to visit
Jaypee Plus. We are the trusted and leading manufacturer that offers houseware, kitchenware, and
other utilities that can be used for daily usage. You can visit us to buy dinner set online at a great
deal, fret not! We offer quality products that are available in various colors, designs, patterns, and
sizes, and they will last long. Our company takes pride in being the leading selling of home utilization
items at an affordable price. Our due-diligent team ensures that our customers get highly hygienic,
safe, and durable products for their day-to-day usage. We cover a wide range of needs of the kitchen,
storage, and bathroom from dinnerware, casserole to containers, laundry buckets, and even dustbin. 
At Jaypee Plus, we take pride in bringing you the finest range of durable and quality products as we
have a stock of trendy designs, pop colors, and a great deal. Being the leading store we offer a
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other houseware and kitchenware utilities. 

Why Choose Jaypee Plus?
– Extensive range of houseware utilities 
– High-quality products at affordable price
– Hassle-free online shopping experience and doorstep delivery service
– Access to a variety of colors, pattern, and sizes
– Highly durable items 

About us:
Jaypee Plus is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers offering an extensive range of
kitchenware and houseware products. Our team takes pride in providing a range of the finest and durable
products at an affordable price. You can find items of all kinds at our store ranging from basic airtight
containers, lunch boxes for kids to dinner sets and casseroles, etc. Visit Jaypee Plus to browse our
collection and buy the ideal product and have it delivered to the destination. 
Contact Us:
Address: C-93, Noida Sec-8, Uttar Pradesh 201301
Phone No.: 0120-4249176