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10 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is The Best City In Asia.

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and probably the best in Asia. The city is strategically located at the South-East coast of China and has a population of up to 7.4 M individuals. There are various reasons why Hong Kong is regarded as the best city in Asia. Everybody […]

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5 Simple Tips On How To Enjoy Hong Kong To The Maximum

Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in Asia, and for a good reason. This amazing city boasts a slew of tourist attractions that have guests from all around the globe thronging the city to sample what it has to offer. From the eye-popping skyline to the numerous shopping and dining outlets, there […]

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Best Hong Kong Hangout Spots

Hong Kong is well known for its diverse culture and history. It hosts millions of people, all busy in their own ways. The city is famous for its numerous financial hubs, luxurious shops and restaurants among other new and unique features. Being a city with a population of at least seven million , you might […]


Best Party Cities in Asia

If you are traveling in Asia or are already there, you are probably wondering which city is the best partying destination for you. Asia offers a diverse range of bars, hotels and partying option for you to choose from. Some of the best cities for partying in Asia include Hong Kong Hong Kong is a […]