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10 Reasons Why Hong Kong Is The Best City In Asia.

Hong Kong is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and probably the best in Asia. The city is strategically located at the South-East coast of China and has a population of up to 7.4 M individuals. There are various reasons why Hong Kong is regarded as the best city in Asia. Everybody coming to this city wishes to stay or even to come back later since the city is so appealing and attracting. There is everything you could be looking for in Hong Kong City.

In this article, we are going to look at the various reasons why Hong Kong is regarded as the Best City In Asia.

1. Travel.

One of the things that makes Hong Kong a standout among many other cities is its infrastructure. Hong Kong is a springboard to Asia and within no time one can access affordable flights to almost every destination you want. May it be Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia among many others.

2. Safety.

Another thing that places Hong Kong at the top of other cities in Asia is security. There are very few crime rates compared to other major cities in Asia. Being one of the safest cities, Hong Kong can be ideal for investment, studies or any other thing that you may want to do here.

3. Landscape.

Most individuals only know Hong Kong as just an urban jungle, however, this city like unlike many others has outstanding countryside. The surroundings are of extreme beauty that gives a breathtaking view. You only need 15 minutes to get out this fascinating city and go to the surroundings where there are beautiful cities and mountains.

4. Outdoor Playground.

The city has about 70% green space, more than 250 islands, and over 300 hills. This tells you that there are numerous outdoor activities to keep you engaged and hence you can be bored while in Hong Kong. You can enjoy hiking, riding, camping, climbing, cycling, swimming, etc. After participating in these games you can go for relaxing Hong Kong massage to have a feeling of relaxation.

5. Food.

There are more than 11, 000 restaurants in Hong Kong where you can go and taste different foods. There is also street food that would be budget-friendly in case you are on a budget and so you will never go hungry while in Hong Kong.

6. Transport. 

Hong Kong is known to have the best transport system that is modern. clean and also reliable. You will never run out of options while in Hong Kong no matter where you want to go to. You will likewise enjoy traveling to your destination at affordable and reasonable charges.

7. Nightlife.

When it comes to nightlife no Asian city can beat Hong Kong. There are uncountable night clubs that have something for everybody. If you enjoy tasting drinking of all sorts and attending the one of the most amazing nightlife, Hong Kong is right for you.

8. Taxes.

The tax rates in Hong Kong Is very low and everybody is able to cope with it. This is the reason why most individuals have moved to Hong Kong since the cost of living is not high with low taxation.

9. Networking.

The general population of Hong Kong is very friendly and very easy to socialize and network. You will easily find people who you share common interests with. You can socialize and network with these individuals and make friends without trying to hard.

10. Culture.

They say that Hong Kong is the place where “East Meets West” and where old and new stay side by side. There are sky scrappers, colonial buildings along with ancient traditions as well as festivals.