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Best Hong Kong Hangout Spots

Hong Kong is well known for its diverse culture and history. It hosts millions of people, all busy in their own ways. The city is famous for its numerous financial hubs, luxurious shops and restaurants among other new and unique features. Being a city with a population of at least seven million , you might assume that it’s hard to find an ideal place to hang out. If you think so, you are terrible wrong. Here are some of the best places, in Hong Kong, where you can comfortably stay undisturbed for as long as you would wish.

1. Chillazy:

The Chillazy operates just like any other place that charges you by the hours you spend . The place is filled with cushions and hammocks; it’s a place where you really relax and chill. Although chatting is encouraged, the management recommends that you control your volume to avoid disturbing other chillers’ who might wish to take a nap.

2. The Hong Kong Massage.
Hong Kong massage has one the most luxurious spas. It is located at the city center. The massage center fills the gap between the casual massage parlor and a hotel pamper place. Each massage is tailored to suit your needs; whether relation or sport recovery.
3. Teakha:

The restaurant is located in Sheung Wan. They serve green tea cheesecake as well as some mean tea. The place features a roll of outdoor seats as well as a cozy indoor table. When in the company of your best friend, enjoying some tea in this restaurant will not only be enjoyable, but also be the funniest moment.

4. Victoria Park:
It is the most famous park in Hong Kong. Although very quiet and spacious during weekdays, the park is almost packed to capacity during weekends. Once you are there, you only need to sit down at a bench or better still, spread a picnic cloth on the central lawn. The cool environment, complemented by the clear spring sky will give you a nice feeling of relaxation

5. Central Library:
If you are that person who loves reading, the 12 story library located in Causeway will do you a big deal. The library offers at least two million print and non-print reading materials. It also offers enough seating space.

6. Kowloon Park:
The park is located in Tsim Sha Tsui and stands on a 330 acre space. It features a traditional style of Chinese gardens. It’s an ideal place for resting or reading your book. The sights of flowers and ponds alongside the sweet melodies of flower birds will be your only companions.

7. Relax at Stanley:

Stanley is perfect for family weekend hangouts. It is located near the city center, making it family friendly. You can easily access transportation from the city center to the Stanley. Opposite the Stanley is the main street that hosts most of the restaurants and other businesses such as shops and transport.

8. West Kowloon Cultural District: 
The cultural district is the latest hot hangout place. It features three green spaces ideal for picnics, dance show cases, DIY workshops, crafts markets and several other joints. The district accommodates people with different kinds of interests, including you!

9. Ocean Park:
The park hosts the biggest and most unique aquarium I the world, extending to a diameter of 5.5 metres. The aquarium features at least 400 fish species, sea stars, sea cucumbers and a Reef Tunnel. Above the sea, you can take part in Panda adventure; you will have a chance to see the red pandas, giant pandas and the giant Chinese salamander. Fun rides such as Ragging River, Mine Train and Space wheel are also available.