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5 Simple Tips On How To Enjoy Hong Kong To The Maximum

Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in Asia, and for a good reason. This amazing city boasts a slew of tourist attractions that have guests from all around the globe thronging the city to sample what it has to offer. From the eye-popping skyline to the numerous shopping and dining outlets, there is enough entertainment to go around. If you are visiting Hong Kong for the first time, use the following tips to make the most of your Hong Kong vacation.

Climb to the Sky100
Hong Kong is world renowned for its sheer mass of fine skyscrapers. The Sky100 offers the ideal vantage point to experience the amazing skyline and get a bearing of the city. Situated on the 100th of the International Commerce Center, visitors get to see the mountains, harbor, and all the districts of Hong Kong from an observation deck. Staring out the window exposes you to an urban jungle defined by amazing architectural milestones and polarizing views of the city. This vast sea of buildings will give you an idea of just huge Hong Kong truly is.

Take a Ride on the Star Ferry
The Star Ferry ride is a must-do activity for any visitor of Hong Kong. This wonderful vessel transports tourists between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula. Guests are taken through the most scenic pathway through the city with an opportunity to glance at the city’s renowned skyline and take wonderful photos as you enjoy the exciting ride along the still waters of the Victoria Harbor. The night rides are especially the best with all the lights. You can actually catch the Symphony at Lights Show on the 8 p.m. ferry, considered to be the largest light and sound show in the world. Visitors have described the Star Ferry ride as being breathtaking.

Shop at the Street Markets
Hong Kong street markets provide visitors with one of the most exciting shopping experiences. These diverse markets cater to the preferences of various clients by offering a wide range of merchandise. Whether you are looking for women shoes and accessories or baby clothing, rest assured you’ll find them here. You also get to interact with people in a market buzzing with vendors hawking jewelry, electronics, and numerous other wares. Get to sample the local culture by indulging in the local delicacies being sold in the streets or visiting the neighboring fishing villages on the Hong Kong Island.

Ride the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car
These cable cars are considered to be among the greatest cable car experiences in the world and take you on a 25-minute scenic tour up the Ngong Ping village. The ride begins in the village of Tung Chung and comes to an end at Ngong Ping village. The views are to die for and the themed village is great for multimedia events, dining, shopping, as well as a martial arts shows. Don’t forget to get a Starbucks coffee when you get to the top and enjoy a stroll as you explore this interesting village.

Get a Massage
After a long day out exploring the city, it’s only fair that you get yourself a Hong Kong massage to relax your body. Hong Kong is famous for offering the most soothing and therapeutic massages you can find. There are numerous massage outlets with a serene environment and an interior décor to match. Professional masseurs take you through a comforting massage procedure that will have you ready for the next phase of your city discovery come the next morning.