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Ram Mandir Being Start To Creation

Ayodhya Ram Mandir donation

Near About 12.70 crore families of the nation have supported financially to build the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) thinks that every single family or person who contributes even a single rupee for the construction of the Ram temple is inspired by the ideology of Hindutva in a way. That is why the Sangh (RSS) is thinking about its ideological extension among these families and persons. recently the Sangh will try to contact and communicate with these families by establishing a campaign and connect them with it in one way or the other.

Its action plan has been prepared in the Chitrakoot meeting of the Sangh. A senior Sangh person told Amar Ujala that the Sangh is thinking that every person who contributes to the re-construction of the Ram temple has faith in the ideology of Hindutva. The Sangh analysis that the Hindutva theory of every family contributing to the construction of the Ram temple may be a little different from the Hindutva theory of the Sangh, but an ideological similarity can definitely be found in it. showing a great positivity to this ideological commonality, the Sangh will work to integrate these families with themselves.

One of the top leaders of the Sangh stated that the RSS does not have any different concept of Hindutva, in which no section of the Hindus can associate itself.so, there are high possibilities of joining the ideology of the Sangh and it is working on a strategy to connect these classes with its due respect.

According to the RSS leader, the Sangh is thinking that for the unity of the country there should be a connecting system for all sections of the society, it is the single way for the country to keep united. He understands that Hindutva can develop this kind of system. But for this, everyone will have to join the ideology of Hindutva by which all sections of the society can connect themselves. Sangh is working on this vision so highly.

If RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is continuously trying to instruct the Muslim community to join with Hindutva, then the target behind this is that they (Muslims) can communicate themselves with the core of this culture, so that the unity of the country can be preserved. This includes Muslim society as well as other sections of society.

How the people contributed?

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) national spokesperson Vinod Bansal spoke AmarUjala that till April 3, 2021, A dedication fund (donation) of about 3500 crores has been collected for the establishment of the temple of Lord Ram in Ayodhya. VHP workers carried forward this dedication campaign by reaching 5.37 lakh villages out of 6.73 lakh villages of the country.

In this charity campaign that lasted from 15 January to 27 February 2021, VHP visited out to 12.70 crore families of the country and collected donations. Approx 65+crore people of these families contributed to this charity campaign. 20.21 lakh VHP workers worked in this campaign, including 1.87 lakh women. For this 1.75 lakh groups of VHP workers were set out.

In the dedication campaign, 7.10 crore coupons of Rs.100 were cut the maximum. There were 4.5 crore coupons worth Rs 10~80 lakh coupons worth Rs 1000 were distributed. Apart from this, 30 lakh coupons of different values were also deducted.

The total collected money was deposited in 4200 branches of the State Bank of India, Punjab Bank, and Bank of Baroda. 38,185 special team heads were deposited money in these branches.

Vinod Bansal said that hold on to a campaign for contribution for Rama Mandira in ayodhya is the biggest dedication campaign in the world. Even after seeing its universality and the trust of millions of people, some people try to question its purity. Shri Ram Mandir Trust is fully aware of the entire dedication campaign and proper utilization of every single penny of Ram devotees.