Musk fly fishing gear introduction

If you want to learn how to use Musk fly fishing gear, you should first understand Musk. As we have seen, fly fishing is well-known in many countries. Therefore, the production of musk has also raised the awareness of different groups from teenagers to the elderly.

Musk has a long history in China and can be divided into three categories: natural musk, medicinal artificial musk and daily artificial musk produced by the chemical industry. With the advancement of fly fishing technology, musk has been used as a bait. However, musk has caused intense controversy in recent years, as will be explained below.

1. Natural Musk

Frankly speaking, musk is more expensive than gold, which is worth more than $100,000 per kilogram. More importantly, in the Chinese market, even if you spend enough money on musk, you may still buy fakes or products refined with effective substances.

Musk can also be used in medicine, its purpose is to protect our heart. This kind of medicine is more popular and advanced in China. For a long time, medicinal artificial musk has been used instead of natural musk. Japan’s heart-saving pills used to use natural musk. However, considering economic factors, the industry was forced to adjust the prescription to remove natural musk.

2. Medicinal artificial musk fly fishing tackle

Medicinal artificial musk just imitates the taste of natural musk and can usually be used on fly fishing tackle. It can be added to cosmetics, but the quantity is limited and some countries prohibit it. Because a large amount of musk can cause infertility or miscarriage, especially for women. All pregnant women should know that they should use less or no perfume.

In fact, the artificial musk in the daily chemical industry may have the same effect as many small drugs, with a complex and strong fragrance. In addition, China has previously issued relevant regulations prohibiting the addition of artificial musk in feed. There should be some warnings, such as fly fishing with scientific methods. In addition, fishermen and fisherwomen should pay attention to the health of their families and treat fishing properly.

3. Artificial musk produced by the chemical industry

The medicinal artificial musk is confidential, and its function is equivalent to the natural musk prescribed by the state. So all the medicinal musk nowadays is this kind of artificial musk, which has been on the market since the early 1990s.

This musk is not expensive in the Chinese medicinal material market, only about 10 yuan, which can be used to make fishing gear, but to be honest, this musk is still different from natural musk. There are also reports that artificial musk is harmful to humans in large doses and high purchase thresholds.

In my opinion, although these musks are not suitable for making fly fishing gear. You can still use some methods to realize your dreams. You can make your own bait. First of all, the materials you need to prepare include 1kg of corn flour, half of millet, half of millet, 100g of musk powder, three spoons of honey, 2 kg of wine, three spoons of brown sugar, and a glass bottle.

Put musk powder on the bait and knead it well. Then add honey and brown sugar, and knead the dough again. Then, you should sprinkle the wine with a watering can and then rub the bait. You can repeat this process several times until the wine runs out. After the production is completed, the prepared bait can be directly put into the glass jar and covered with a lid or plastic film. If the sun is full, it is good for fermentation. If it is cloudy, it can be kept for a week, with the same effect.

It may take a week to complete the whole process, unlike other homemade baits that take half a month or a month. Since corn, millet and millet are a kind of grain, this musk fly fishing tackle is very useful for fishing. If it is spring, summer and autumn, you can decide whether to add musk. But musk is a necessity in winter. Because the fish activity area is too small in winter, it is difficult to attract fish without musk powder.