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How to Classify and Buy the Best E Bike Under $2000

What is an electric bicycle?


Electric bicycles use electric motors, pedals and transmission devices of some traditional bicycles. This can help riders travel longer distances and climb more mountains, rather than relying on their own strength.


Most bicycles use a system called pedal assist. This means that the driver’s input is “helped forward” by the motor. For those who want to go further than non powered bicycles, electric bicycles are a good choice. This makes the “electric bicycle” suitable for older cyclists and those with poor ability.


Some electric bicycles only provide accelerator power, which means that cyclists can accelerate without stepping on the pedal at all. In most countries, electric bicycles must be driven partly by human power.


The use of electric bicycles is as diverse as that of ordinary bicycles. You can use electric bicycles instead of driving to and from work. By doing so, you can avoid the cost of fuel, car maintenance, registration, tolls and parking fees. You can also reduce your carbon footprint and any emissions you might create by driving.

Classify e bikes according to cost


Like most other kinds of bicycles, bicycles are available at various price points. Here’s a rough idea of what you should get with your money. In this article, we want to classify e bikes under $2000.


$500 to $700

At this price, it is expected that the configuration of the hub drive motor of the electric bicycle may be similar to the conversion of the electric bicycle. You can buy bicycles at this price from large retailers. The components and transmission will be similar to the level of a low-cost large box bike. Some folding electric bicycles are in this price range.

Most bicycles in this range are urban commuters or “mountain bike style”. Some will have mechanical disc brakes. Other vehicles are equipped with rim brakes (v-brakes), or even drum brakes. Heavier aluminium and steel frames can be expected.


In low cost bicycles, the front suspension is not unheard of. At this price, it can provide limited benefits and durability. Cheap suspension may only increase complexity and weight without real benefits. The 36V system is affordable in this price range.


The price savings you get from online retailers are due to the fact that many of these manufacturers do not have to pay “middlemen” or stores. Your electric bicycle will be partially assembled for packaging and transportation. Please remember that any guarantee provided may be that your electric bicycle is professionally assembled by a local bicycle mechanic.After sales service and parts may or may not be provided locally.

$700 to $1500


Most cars at this price are wheel driven. The frame is usually made of medium grade aluminum. Disc brakes are standard, but almost always mechanical. The hydraulic disc brake is close at hand. Some accessories, such as lights and fenders, may be included.


Components may be similar to pedal bikes for $250 to $500. Most bicycles in this range are commuters and city bikes.


$1500 to $2000


A rigid fat bike with a “bolt on” drive motor and mechanical brake


In this field, the quality will be improved. Middle drive motors become affordable, while many bicycles still use hub drive motors.


The entry-level mid drive system entered the competition at about $1300, but it can be found as low as $1100. They may be “bolted” and may not use torque sensors, which means pedal assistance is less sensitive than the more expensive option (the crank is driven by an electric motor).


The frame can be a lightweight, high-quality aluminum structure. Convenient add include a frame, fenders, and lights integrated into the bike’s electrical system. Most of these bikes are urban commuters or leisure bikes, such as comfortable bikes and fat bikes.