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Offline service points of online beauty supply store

Offline service points of online beauty supply store
Six small details of service can make customers feel good about the online beauty supply store. The beauty salon pays attention to service. Service is the most important part of the beauty salon process, and also the key link to testing the professional knowledge, technical level, and quality of our beauticians. Good or bad work often directly affects customer retention. Therefore, when doing a good job of customer care, we should pay attention to every link.
First, properly handle the accessories worn by customers, and do facial or whole-body care for customers. In order not to affect the fluency and quality of care actions, beauticians should advise customers to take off the things they wear, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., and learn to let customers explain the reasons and keep them properly.
Second, ask the customer to change into special clothes for nursing. During the operation, it is often easy to dirty the customer’s clothes with such items as massage oil and cream. If the customer does not change into the special clothes for nursing in time, he will feel unhappy because of the dirty clothes. Therefore, the beautician should ask the customer to change into special clothes for nursing.
Third, pay attention to the details of the bun. There are many beauticians who take up their jobs after training for a few days, or because they neglect the details for too long, they are careless. In the process of giving the bun to the customer, either the hair falls out or the ears are pinched. When the customer is lying down, they will use a disposable mask, wide hair band, or towel to wrap her hair. Be sure to ask the other party whether the tightness is appropriate, At the same time, keep your ears out.
Fourth, clean your hands after you wrap your head. After you wrap your head for the customer, you should get up gently and tell the customer that I’m going to clean your hands now, because your hands will be covered with dust in the process of handling the clothes. At this time, tell the customer, dear, to wait a moment, and it will be ready immediately, which will bring security and a good feeling to the customer.
Fifth, the details of cleaning facial skin. Now most customers will put on makeup. When there is makeup, it is necessary to use makeup remover to thoroughly clean the facial makeup, instead of using facial cleanser to replace the product. The makeup removal is not complete, which will give customers an uncomfortable feeling during the process of care. At the end of care, gently tell the customer that the care is over, and then help the customer to get up and do a waist massage for a few minutes, To ease the discomfort of customers, customers should hold their back with “hands” to help them get up when they are ready to get up.
Key points of offline service of online beauty supply store, the music that cures the heart, and the background music played by the store are also the details that can’t be forgotten. A good song list will naturally make customers feel happy, let customers completely relax their mood and body, and increase the overall sense of atmosphere. It should also be noted that the song list needs to be updated regularly. The song list can be updated with the change of seasons so that the sub-customers will have different hearing enjoyment every time they arrive at the store.