Do you know PVS Chemicals

PVS Chemical Solutions, Inc. operates as a chemical manufacturing company. The company offers products such as sulfur, hydrochloric acid, water treatment chemicals, ferric chloride and anhydrous ferric chloride. PVS chemical solutions serve customers around the world.
Overview of PVS Chemicals
PVS Chemicals is a global manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of basic chemicals. It also provides safe transportation of environmental and dangerous goods.
PVS Chemicals employees come from an unusual demographic background. The company has 25.2% women and 32.2% minorities. There is diversity in other areas, but there is a significant lack of political diversity among PVSChemicals employees. The percentage of Republicans is very high at 84.0%. Employees seem to enjoy working in a variety of Republican-dominated workplaces. PVS Chemicals has a high employee retention rate, and employees usually stay in the company for 5.1 years.
Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, PVS Chemicals is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 800 employees and $ 575 million in revenue.
Organizational mission
Our combined efforts to safely manufacture and deliver custom sulfur-based products with outstanding quality standards make PVS the best supplier for our most demanding customers.