Things That You Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Before you begin any treatment for erectile dysfunction, there are some things that you should know. Symptoms, causes, and treatments can vary. Your doctor is best placed to advise you of the best course of action for your specific case. A doctor can also give you valuable information regarding the side effects of medications. Here is a breakdown of the most important things that you should know about erectile dysfunction.


If you are experiencing any of the following signs, you may have erectile dysfunction. Your healthcare provider will perform a physical exam to evaluate your symptoms. They will check your penis for reduced sensation, damage, or hormonal problems. They will also take your blood pressure and pulses in your extremities. Blood tests will reveal if you have any other health conditions such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, or clogged arteries. A doctor can also suggest treatment if ED is preventing you from having a full erection.

Some causes of ED include blood pressure medicines, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications. Medications for glaucoma or cancer chemotherapy can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Other possible causes include genetics, lifestyle choices, and low testosterone. However, the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is age, as it is associated with aging. While many men have occasional difficulties erecting, it’s important to seek medical attention if your problem persists for more than a few months.


There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, but one of the most common is the use of certain medications. These drugs include blood pressure medicines, anti-anxiety medications, and even glaucoma eye drops. They all affect the body’s hormones, nerves, and blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction may result from a combination of different factors, including certain types of medications like Fildena 100mg as well as Fildena Super Active, lifestyle habits, and relationship problems.

Your health care provider will likely perform a physical exam to assess your overall health. Your GP may focus on your genitals and pulses, and may order blood tests and urine samples to check for any conditions that might be causing your erectile dysfunction. However, ED can be the result of a range of other causes, including stress or physical injury. If you suspect a medical condition, speak with your doctor to determine the best treatment options.

If the cause is psychological, counseling may be an option. If you’ve lost your sexual confidence as a result of depression or anxiety, counseling could be a good way to rebuild your confidence and enjoy sex again. A doctor, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist can provide this type of treatment. It may also be helpful to talk to your partner about your underlying issues. If none of these methods work, you may need to look for surgical treatments. Vacuum penile pumps work by drawing blood to specific parts of the penis, causing an erection similar to a normal erection. Fildena 120 mg is best medicine for ED.


Fortunately, the treatment for erectile dysfunction has evolved dramatically over the last few years. New medication and surgery have helped improve the condition in about two-thirds of men. Other treatment options include therapy, sex, or cognitive behavioural therapy or Fildena 150 mg, Fildena 200. Read on to learn about these new advances in ED treatment. You might even find a treatment that suits you. A man’s first step to regaining his erection is to understand why he has ED.

Evaluation for erectile dysfunction involves assessing the physical and psychological aspects of the condition. Patients may be evaluated for secondary sexual characteristics, such as hair loss and gynecomastia. During physical examinations, patients may experience bruits in the abdominal and femoral regions. Blood pressure may also be monitored, and a genital exam is done to rule out a medical cause of the problem.


ED can affect any man, regardless of age. It usually affects older men more than younger ones, although it can affect men of any age. Other factors that can cause erectile dysfunction include obesity, high blood pressure, stress, and certain medications. While ED is a common issue among men of all ages, it is also treatable, and many treatments are available. Listed below are some of the most common myths about erectile dysfunction.

Tight-fitting briefs do not cause erectile dysfunction. Although the erection pill category includes products such as Viagra, there are many other treatment options available. Injectable medications are your next option when oral treatments fail. If these treatments do not work, you may want to consider natural treatments. Some men can even start a diet and exercise program to prevent ED altogether. These simple steps can lead to lasting results, and will help you feel great long-term. Click here for more details.