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Best Vacation Cities In Europe

If your inner travel bug is telling you it’s time for your next trip you should be considering a fabulous Central European destination. Nestled in the heart of the where time began, some of the most ancient and bucket list worth cities await you. Visit stunning castles, tour the riverbanks of an old city or browse the shops and museums.

The fabulous cities of Europe can offer any style of traveler an exciting adventure. Whether you are intrigued by individual history, stunning baroque architecture or like to experience the local culture, there is no lack of activities any taste. Avoid the busier metropolitan areas in the West and experience the charm and treasures of cities like Prague, Dubrovnik, and Vienna.


This luxurious capital city of the Czech Republic has medieval history alongside modern innovations. Stoll the banks of the Vltava River and discover the colorful architecture from centuries past. Step back in time to the 16th century with a tour through old town and take in the Medieval Astronomical Clock to see what’s in the stars for you. Wenceslas Square is the place to be to observe the local culture and enjoy the shops, cafes, and galleries. Spend the day viewing the ancient bridges of the city with a river cruise while you relax. Don’t miss a tour of the Prague Castle build in the 9th century as it towers over the city. Housing the presidential mansion, it’s beautiful views and stunning design will leave you feeling enchanted.


A charming and ancient walled city at the southern end of Croatia along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. This quaint city will transport you back in time with its limestone streets and ancient walls that surround its city core. Visit the countless castles and palaces that are spread through the city or visit the Prague Cathedral that houses treasures from the 11th century. Modern aspects have been innovatively combined with the historical framework of this magical city. You will fall so in love with this fairytale city that you may start looking for Croatia property for your own vacation home. Relax on Banje Beach outside the walls and enjoy the softly pebbled beaches and warm clear waters. Get out and enjoy the nightlife in the seaside bars and restaurants, visit a modern art show or shop at the charming markets in Old Town. The Annual Summer Festival is host to some of the areas best artists, performers, and culinary delights.


This jewel of a city on the Danube is the Capital City of Austria. The wondrous location in the lowlands surrounded by mountains makes this a magical getaway for any history lovers. Long known to be the famous birthplace of Mozart and Beethoven, the city was also home to Dr. Sigmund Freud. Take your time touring all of the attractions on the Ring Road that surrounds the central government area in the city. Avenues that house impressive parliamentary buildings, countless palaces, museums, and public parks. Visit Schonbrunn for a tour of the Imperial Palace and take in the glamour of another century. The Baroque Palace museum houses art collections from the modern and classic periods and should not be missed. The Opera House and St. Stephen’s Cathedral are pristine choices for lovers of grandeur in architecture. Connected to the rest of the continent by the Danube River, Vienna is the ultimate place to start a European tour.