3 crime movies that inspire your inner detective

It is no secret that crime movies are one of the most eye-catching movies in Hollywood. Perhaps this is how they balance their actions with more serious themes, such as dirty politics, racism and corruption in the criminal justice system. Or maybe it’s just excitement to see how the crime planners are trying to carry out their plans. Either way, they make up the most fascinating story, which is why we have collected three of the best crime movies you can play now. Be prepared to use these detective skills.


From a spider obsessed priest to a murderous couple, this thriller has many grotesque and sinister characters. The story takes place after World War II. It tells the story of a troubled veteran trying to protect his loved ones in a corrupt town. Tom Holland, Jason Clark, Sebastian Stein and Robert Pattinson starred in the film.

2.‘THE INFORMER’ (2019)

This British Crime Thriller, adapted from three seconds, a novel by roslund & hellstr ö m, tells the story of the drug trade of former special operations soldier and former criminal Pete koslow (Joel kinnaman) who sneaks into the Polish gangs. It involves going back to prison, but things get complicated when major drug deals go wrong. Other actors include Rosamund pike, common and ana de Armas.

3. ‘I CARE A LOT’ (2020)

Count on Rosamund pike to incarnate a cold and shrewd opponent. In I care, she plays Marla Grayson, a selfish legal guardian (Parker), who cheats older “clients” for personal gain. However, when she tries to deceive the seemingly innocent Jennifer Peterson (Diane West), she finds herself in a dilemma.