The Equalizer 2 Movie Review: Denzel Washington is one of the movie stars, more violent than film

Equalizer 2 Movie Review : Denzel Washington meets with director Antoine Fuqua for the fourth time. Equalizer 2 Movie Review: Denzel Washington proves that he is one of the last remaining film stars. Action in Equius 2 is more violent than the first movie.

The problem is not that equalizer 2 connects many elements at the same time; It’s a common practice that many films take – and I’m sure Quentin Tarantino and Alejandro Gonzalez Eritrea have something to say about the plots connected to each other. But fans of the video game will know when Side Quest gets distracted by the main story, it becomes a bit harder to maintain.

And Equifizer 2, like the first movie (which I honestly do not miss much about it), is like a video game in its composition. It is very purpose based, the action is very bright and the characters are like archetypes compared to anything else. Denzel Washington’s Vigilance – Robert McCall – A Holocaust spends time with a survivor, comments on a neighbor’s backyard garden, and takes a troubled black young man under his wing.

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But if you are going for a thin character in the form of your protagonist, which is better than Denzel Washington, which helps in adding some seriously essential personality and hence the question arises: Do the fans of this franchise – movies A series in which Denzel essentially breaks the bones while simultaneously participating in some turning competition with them – the horror drama scene It is equalizer 2 that we are talking about the extended cut of the Lord of the Rings.

It’s true that he is one of the few remaining movie stars in the world – someone who can only open a movie on the power of his stardom. Even Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson have recently shown concerns in their armor – for Cruise, anything outside the mission: the Impossible series is a gamble, and the ever-increasing streak of Rock has recently jumped from the Skyscraper Gone. However, you can always rely on Denzel to attract your important fan base in the theater.

And this is Danzell’s power as an artist who fuels our interest in the rapidly brutal adventures of Robert McCall. Whether he was not for his liking, and the moment of real emotions he was able to inject into a largely breathtaking story, The Equalizer 2 was one of those countless forces, which was sometimes called Pierce Brosnan and Kevin Costner’s Was like movies and did the same.

Equalizer 2 is the only sequel that Denzel Washington has ever done.

Equalizer film – especially this one – does not push it beyond its comfort zone at all. In fact, Robert Mc Call is very much in his wheelhouse, but he celebrates the icon which is Denzel. They play on their own personality, they enjoy their weak presence, and they give them more to chew in comparison to similar films.

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