Top 13 Folklores about Study in UK

Study in UK Folklores

Today I am here to talk about some of the Folklores about studying in the UK. Well obviously, these Folklores are not at all true but they have been passed on with generations from the older people since they said and this has been passed on and on but we all know that this is not true so this is what we are here for as we are going to discuss those Folklores which are not true at all and I am going to tell you about the things that are true about being studying in the UK.

Folklores about Study in UK

So, these 13 Folklores are:-

  1. The first myth is about the UK weather as it is being said that there is always cold weather in the UK and you cannot get sunlight at all.

Well, this is not true because although the weather in the UK can be cold still you get good sunlight.

  1. The next myth that I am going to talk about is that people think that there is a bad drinking culture in the UK.

But, this is not the case because some people drink and some may not drink alcohol so it completely depends upon the choice of the person who chooses to drink alcohol or not.

  1. The next myth is that the living facilities there are really expensive.

Well, I can say that this is not the case as you can get very good and affordable accommodation if you find some of the good places to live and you do a good search too.

  1. The next myth that we are going to talk about is that getting jobs in the UK is very difficult.

So this is also not true.

  1. The food choices in the UK are very few.

Well, not true after all because you can get some good food choices.

  1. The rate at which crime is increasing in the whole world so it is said that is high in the UK.

Again, a false myth.

  1. UK degrees are not at all worthy.

So, this is also false because there is some good university that gives a world-recognition degree to all.

  1. Exploring the country can be expensive.

Well, again a false fact.

  1. The people there don’t behave very nicely. This is all false as all people are friendly until and unless we say something bad to them.
  2. The culture must be followed very strictly by everyone.

Well, not at all true it’s all your choice if you want to follow their traditions or not.

  1. It’s really hard to get a visa for the study in UK.

False myth UK is just a country just like the other international countries so you can obtain its visa easily.

  1. This myth is about transportation that getting transportation is really hard in the UK.

Well, that’s not the case as you can easily get a bus or a taxi there.

  1. It’s difficult to survive in the UK if you are an international student.

Again, a false myth because international students are always welcomed to international countries within their whole arms and a good environment is also created around them so that they feel good by getting into a new country.

50% True Folklore about Study in UK

Study in UK without IELTS is Not Possible

One more folklore is that you can study in UK without IELTS but it’s not totally true. This is 50% true and 50% false. That why I don’t add this folklore in the list of above 13 folklore. Yes, you can study in UK without IELTS but you may have to compromise with choice of your university or course. As some of the good universities in UK required IELTS qualification. So, ask your consultants about the requirement of the chosen university. And for IELTS preparation join the best IELTS coaching in Jaipur to score as per requirement.

In the last, I can say that these all are the false Folklores that I have told you and they are not at all true so you don’t have to believe them. You can go for studying abroad.

Study in UK consultants can help you with that if you don’t believe me too regarding these Folklores as a study in UK consultants will provide you with all the correct information. Well, not only this, but you can also contact overseas education consultants as they to help students with the quested who what to go abroad for studying.