SSMMS – Online Sand Booking, Telangana Registration, Sand Taxi Registration

What is SSMMS Portal?

Sand Sales Management and Monitoring System, also known as SSMMS, is an online portal developed by Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation for online tracking of sand sales, sand orders and vehicle registration.

All important information will be provided through this portal such as the release of stock, information of loading or unloading, location tracking of the vehicle, availability of sand at a particular area, details of transporter interested in transporting sand, registration for transport-related information. vehicle etc.

Benefits of the portal:

The major advantage is the transparency of the system. Now everything is available online through the SSMMS portal. This reduces the time taken for sand registration and orders and saves the valuable time of the customers. The main objective of launching this portal was to create a transparent, effective and fast sand sales management system.

SSMMS TS Sand Booking Online Process

You can book sand online on the official website. The exact procedure is given below.

Step #1: Register on the Website

Step #2: Register the vehicle on the website

Step #3: Log in to the website

Step #4: Apply Online to Buy Sand

Step #5: Wait for order verification by TSMDC

Step #6: Add Vehicle to the Application and Confirm Final Delivery

Step #1: Register on the Website

For new customer registration please visit the official portal
There is a registration link in the menu. Under this click on the link “Customer Registration”.
Complete the OTP verification by sharing a valid mobile number.
After OTP verification, you can continue with the online registration by providing all the important information.
You will receive a User ID and Password for login. Please note your User ID and Password

Step #2: Register the vehicle on the website

Now you have to register your vehicle for transportation of sand to the project location. Check the steps given below.

Visit the official website again
You can see a vehicle registration option under the Registration tab in the menu.
Click on vehicle registration link
On the next page you will see a vehicle registration page.
On this page provide all the important information like vehicle type, vehicle number, quantity, chassis number, address which is mentioned in RC.
Upload clear scanned copy of Vehicle RC
Enter the code and click on the “Register” button

Step #3: Login to the website

For TS sand order you need to login to the website using your login credentials at the time of customer registration.

For this you can click on the “Order Sand Booking” link on the official website.

ssmms telangana sand booking link
After that you can login to the website by entering your User ID and Password

ssmms Telangana customer login page

Step #4: Apply Online to Buy Sand

After successful login, you can apply online to buy sand. Check the steps given below.

On the new sand order page, you can fill in all the necessary information related to the sand order such as

Customer information – name, mobile number, etc.
Sand Order – Address, Village, Circle, Pin Code, etc.
Type of sand – Quantity, date of delivery, type of work, etc.
After that, you can book your sand by clicking on the BOOK button. You will be redirected to the payment page.

Now re-check all the information on the payment page and pay the required fee. You have successfully placed a TS Sand order.

Step #5: Wait for order verification by TSMDC
Once you have placed your order it will take some time for verification purposes. You have to wait till the verification process is completed. Once the order is verified by TSMDC you will see the verified status on the order report. Now you can proceed with the next step.

Step #6: Add Vehicle to Order and Confirm Final Delivery

After verification by TSMDC, you can add a registered vehicle to your order through the My Order link in the menu and finally approve the order for delivery.

Services to be provided through TS Sand Portal

Various services are provided through this online SSMMS portal which we have mentioned below.

  • customer registration
  • vehicle registration
  • online sand booking
  • order Tracking
  • order report
  • Information about new tenders
  • Booked vehicle details
  • Information about inter-state transport activities