Reasons, why you should use QR code, enabled Digital Menu in your Restaurant

Reasons, why you should use QR code, enabled Digital Menu in your Restaurant In the current era, the way of doing business has completely changed. Because of coronavirus people are scared and using contactless services with every business. In contactless services, one of the popular trends nowadays is using QR code-based food ordering systems in restaurants. In this system, customers go to the place they want to go and scan their QR code from the mobile and get the menu on their phone and after that, they can place an order without touching anything at all. This is the most preferred food ordering system besides online food delivery. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a QR code-enabled digital menu in your restaurant

1. Eliminate menu sharing between customers The most obvious advantage of the QR code system in a restaurant is that it limits the number of things the customer has to touch when they are dining. Usually, a menu is passed around from person to person which involves a lot of touching which people are afraid of these days because of the pandemic. Whereas a QR code placed on an easy-to-spot place is best for these kinds of situations where anyone can get the menu by just scanning the QR code.

2. Low investment product When turning a printed menu into digital the first thing that comes to mind is how much is it going to cost me. But there are many companies who provide solutions for these kinds of situations such as food apps companies and most of their product line comes for a low investment of one time with great support.

3. Easy to use QR code menu is an easy-to-understand and use system for both the customers and yourself. It allows customers to use the menu just by scanning the QR code. The Digital menu also gives the customer all the time they need to order food instead of a printed menu where the waiter has to stand behind the customer until they order something.

4. Save money on printing costs As we know, most of the restaurant’s menu changes frequently. Updating a print version of a menu when the chef introduces a new item, or runs out of something, costs money each time. But in the QR code menu, the change can be done easily digitally as many times as you need without spending a single penny.

5. Reduce staff contact with customers In today’s situation when the world is suffering from a pandemic, people want to get in contact with other people as little as possible. When in a restaurant because of the QR code scanning system people do not have to get in contact with waiters to order food or to get a menu. In some instances, the staff would still need to deliver the food to the customer’s table. However, you can also have a collection point system within the restaurant to minimize human contact further.

6. Increase order values Customers spend much more when they order online instead of offline. In fact, it has been shown in a survey that people use online food ordering services 30 % more than offline. When a person orders food offline in a restaurant he remains under the pressure to decide quickly, whereas in a digital menu customers don’t feel under pressure to decide right away. He can browse the menu for as long as he wants and decide whatever he wants whenever he wants it.

7. Speed up table turnover One of the biggest obstacles for all restaurants is serving as many customers as possible without anyone feeling like they are being rushed, because if the customer is not satisfied then it won’t be good for the business. So instead of your customers sitting waiting for the waiter to come to their seat to place an order, they can immediately scan the QR code and get the menu as soon as they are seated. With this, customers can also add items during the meal, if either they forgot to add it before or they decided to order it afterward.

8. Easy Tech Solution Food ordering system based on QR code is not very tech needed. It is as simple as managing a basic website. You can easily manage this system with basic tech knowledge. You can easily reach any of the QR-based digital food development companies and they will get it for your restaurant.

9. Hygiene The coronavirus pandemic has changed how people eat outside their houses. For people to eat outside their houses they have to be careful about every little detail. In order for them to go outside to eat at a restaurant, the Restaurant has to be mindful of social distancing and in implementing safe public health practices. People also have to be mindful of their surroundings for their own safety. QR codes are hygienic because menus no longer need to be passed from waiters to the customers and then back to the main staff. When customers can just scan the QR code on their table and order from their own smartphone on Internet, It minimizes the risk of contamination in your establishment. QR codes remove items from being passed from one pair of hands to another which lessens the possibility of getting in touch with other customers. Along with this, you can even use this method with payment methods, like online banking and the use of electronic wallets.

10. Better customer experience WIth the use of QR code digital menu your customers will have a more enjoyable and relaxing customer experience in your restaurant. As we can see in the article above, the QR code menu is a quick and easy way to order food wherever and whenever. They can easily go and visit the menu on your website or restaurant app without having to manually search for it themselves which works out for the best for both the customer and the owner. A recent study on contactless ordering shows that the vast majority of 80% of people that have used digital tools to order food and drinks want to keep using them in the long term.