MI6; A British Secret Agent; 007; still couldn’t guess who I’m talking about? The name is Bond. James Bond. He is a household identity all over the world. Everyone knows him as the greatest detective. His adventures continue with the 2012 Action/Thriller, as Bond finds himself on the paths of deceit, treason, and danger as the past unravels in ways that could harm everything he has worked for, along with his future. James Bond is the most popular character of Hollywood. With 25 films under its belt, the Bond movies are to die for with action, thrill, suspense, drama, and great performances. Skyfall was the 22nd installment of the James Bond series, that rose to popularity for its plot, story-line, stellar performances, and the amazing fashion. The Skyfall Leather Jacket shot to fame as soon as the movie hit the theatres.

The Skyfall Leather Jacket is the name given to the distressed brown leather jacket that Bond wears throughout the climax of the movie. The jacket is rugged and distraught much like Bond’s appearance with the messy beard to represent the intensity, danger, threat, and emotions in the scene. The Skyfall Leather Jacket is made from 100% real leather. Genuine leather is very durable and lasts very long like your true companion in your wardrobe. Genuine leather gets softer with every use, and ages like fine wine. For Skyfall, the leather used for the jacket is distressed. The best part about distressed leather is that it is not as tough, but has a softer feel to it. The jacket has an inner viscose lining which is essential for the winters. The insulated lining will keep you warm and cozy, is soft and extremely comfortable as well, which is a significant quality of all leather jackets USA.

Youthful And Charming Look

The Skyfall Leather Jacket has a front zipper closure that gives the jacket a youthful and charming look, which goes effortlessly well with all casual outfits. The front zipper closure is also very convenient and completely eliminates chances of wind breaking through the jacket. Thiswinter coat comes equipped with two sliding pockets by the waistline, which not only come in very handy for carrying accessories, but also act as hand warmers during winters. The jacket features two pockets inside, where you can safely life your valuable items, because if your life is anything close to that of James Bond, there is just too much at stake with everything you know, information you need to safeguard and valuables that need to be protected.

Creating Different Looks

Celebrities black leather jackets have given us a lot of inspiration when it comes to styling and creating different looks. The Skyfall Leather Jacket is one such celebrity leather jacket that can be paired with anything. It goes incredibly well with casual outfits because of its distressed material and front zipper closure. It will also look great when paired with a shirt and trousers for a semi-formal look, so you can look chic and effortless, yet still have that youthful charm. The jacket is all you need!