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The Cookery Club is one of the non-curricular clubs run on Saturday’s. These are mentored by teachers of the various departments. The Cookery Club is one of the popular clubs among students, where they learn basic culinary skills, cooking and food hygiene and more importantly how to be independent.

Our school, being an international residential school where food is served in a Cafeteria style Dining Hall; Learning to cook the basic variety of platters now, will help these students a lot in the long run. Given the fact that most of the IGCSE / IBDP students continue to join universities and colleges that are residential or are away from home. We at the Cathedral Vidya School understand that a child’s schooling doesn’t begin and end at academics and sports alone. There is so much more a child needs to learn before he or she is living independently. The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala implements international hands-on and experiential-based learning and teaching pedagogies. Students are given the opportunity to pursue their passion and study their favorite subjects while they prepare for their next level in academics. The Pastoral Care at the Cathedral Vidya School grooms students with skills through which they can look after themselves and manage basics like laundry and keeping their rooms tidy etc. Cookery is also an essential part of a child’s development. Every child must know a little bit of everything required to look after themselves well. This is the faith we deliver to the parents when they join the ever-expanding CVSL Family.

The Cookery Club at the IBDP Schools near Pune is mentored by the sports department and the coaches, who during sports sessions train them on the field, are here in the kitchen on Saturday mornings’ teaching students to prepare delicious food items that have been selected by the students themselves.

We have seen our students prepare sandwiches, basic egg recipes, which started with the Egg- Maggie and the Veg Maggie, Bhel, Pizza, Chicken / Veg Biryani, Cheese balls, Noodles and more. Many of our students studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program are aware of the basic chopping and other procedures involved. Yet, there are many who are learning everything for the first time. For those students who will be applying for Hotel Management or Food industry, related courses will have their college applications ready with clubs like the Cookery Club to help them pursue their career ahead.

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