High Capacity Online UPS – Sentinel Rack

Riello UPS expands its range of rack-mount devices by introducing an extremely compact and high-performance product.

Riello UPS presents the new Sentinel Rack product that extends the range of solutions for IT applications and Networking for which maximum power supply reliability is required.

Sentinel Rack, available in the two models SER 1500 VA and SER 3000 VA with powerful battery charger, uses the online double conversion technology and presents itself with an extremely compact design: compared to the average of the rack-mounting devices available today, it has, in fact, a depth of only 380 mm, which allows installation in 600 mm cabinets. To these features are added a power factor of 0.9 and a high quality of the output voltage. These peculiarities make Sentinel Rack the ideal solution in terms of reliability and power protection for all rack users for “mission-critical” applications where a small footprint is required, such as servers and IT systems for voice and data, where it is essential to avoid downtime or loss of information.


  • easily installed in a 600mm cabinet
  • power factor 0.9
  • high-quality output voltage
  • shut-off button to reduce energy use to zero