Make your festivals special through these unique ideas to make custom boxes:

We know that the competition is much high during the holiday season than the normal days. You need to do something to set your brand apart from the competition. Do you know how can you do this? We do! It is a great time to get your hands on custom boxes if you haven’t already. What is a custom packaging? Is it going to make any difference? It is going to be the best decision you’ll ever make.

The role of product packaging is much more than just protecting your products in it. In addition to that, the packaging plays a major role in promoting your brand, and when it is Halloween, the brand that will promote products well will make more profit. Custom Halloween boxes will allow you to create packaging in your desired color, style, size, shape, design, and material according to your business requirements.

1.Make your boxes just according to events or festivals going on:

For example, if your target demographics is veterans or their family, you can honor them by creating packaging for veteran’s day. Consider creating a mix of red, white and blue box to recognize and give thanks to every American veteran who served this country.

When you are trying to make a cultural box, then make your boxes according to those special images needed to make that special cultural festival even more special. Use color combinations according to need of that particular festival.

But that’s not easy to say you shouldn’t think about creating Christmas packaging. Customized packaging means the one that doesn’t need further wrapping and can be gifted as it is. Creating packaging that is according to seasonal trends is an easy way to resonate with customers. If there is a food competition going on you can go for food images. If there is a trend going on, make your boxes printing according to that ongoing trend.

  1. Be trendy:

Truly outstanding packaging design is precious to social media. Keeping in mind the importance of social sharing platforms such as Instagram, twitter, and Facebook, you’ll be wanting to create packaging that speaks with your brand’s target audience and has an eye-grabbing design to encourage social sharing.

Your packaging should show a visual punch when your customer unboxes your product. Developing a memorable unboxing experience will help keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Compare receiving plain brown cardboard box on your doorstep, and a colorful and beautifully designed custom package. The latter is undoubtedly more eye-catching and, more appealing to take a photo and share on FACEBOOK or Instagram.

3.Some Unique ideas to make your festivals special:

Give shivers to all the party guests as it’s Halloween! No plain brown boxes or fancy containers with auto-lock lid. Get your custom Halloween or Christmas boxes. Make boxers as you want with perfectly displaying an image in your mind to your box. A combination of orange and black color is enough to give the perfect Halloween look. You can make a black and orange cat for an extreme dreadful night for your friend.

If you are fond of art and craft, you can make these boxes on your own. All you need is to buy the gables boxes in from your local wholesale company. Buy the black foaming sheet, and here you go. Cut out spider from it and make eyes and mouth with it. Paste it over the box, and you are all good to go. These cheap custom boxes are going to give you the perfect Halloween look. Or you can choose to make haunted mansion. If you are a person who is not good with arts and craft, he/she can go for digital printing. Die cut technologies are very in these days. Experts need a single color sheet and cutting tools. With this you can make different images according to your own requirements.

So hurry up and scare everyone on this evil night with your creative thoughts!

Using red and green colors in a Christmas themed box sends a clear statement about this season of year. Even if you are not going to make any special changes in your brand’s packaging, you can still ad this theme for some time in order to show some uniqueness and get connected with your customers.

  1. Engage with customers in a powerful way:

In this age where a strong social media presence can make or break a new brand, creating packaging that encourages a sharing experience is more important than ever before. 

Including your brand’s social hashtags and relevant hashtags on your box can improve the chance of sharing it with other people by your customers. This is an easy way to advertise your brand and increase its visibility across multiple platforms.

When considering uploading social handles on your packaging, it’s helpful trying to combine text with the visual aspect of the box. For example, while creating a custom box that features colorful autumn foliage in the design, try combining your social media handles with specific leaves in brown, orange, or yellow color that stands out but is matching with the entire design of your boxes.

Another powerful way is to engage with customers and boost the visibility of custom packaging is by commenting on photos shared by customers on social media. Step further by retweeting their photos or sharing them on Instagram story.