The 7 Things To Consider When Picking An Ecommerce Platform

One of the most fundamental and significant decisions you’ll make in the early stages of your business is selecting an ecommerce platform. There are a plethora of options; however, what is truly important? Here’s our list of the seven things you should think about when making this critical decision!

Is it able to grow alongside you?

Of course, you’ll want to pick the platform that works best for you right now, and that’s an important factor to consider.

But how does that square with your drive to advance? If you’re serious about developing your business over time, you’ll need to choose a platform that can scale with you and address the evolving problems you’ll face.

We all want more traffic and customers because they lead to more sales; but, they put additional demands on your store, which can lead to slow speeds and unresponsiveness, which is a certain way to turn off clients and send them away if it’s not well-equipped.

That’s why, whatever platform you choose, it’s critical to future-proof your organization by ensuring that scalability is a fundamental feature.

Are you able to afford it?

Every business decision, including choosing an Ecommerce platform, involves a significant financial investment.

This is a complex balancing task, given the wide range of platforms available (each with its own set of features and benefits). You want as many great features as possible, but how important are those bells and whistles to your bottom line? You don’t want extra features to eat into your profit margin. Take the time to figure out what you truly require and search around for the greatest deal.

Another factor to consider is that certain platforms charge transaction fees, which can reduce your profits even further. If at all possible, avoid this!

Is it possible for you to make it appear lovely?

It’s not enough for a great store to have excellent functionality; it also has to look fantastic. A stunning design gives a fantastic first impression and can send a message of reliability and professionalism without even realizing it. It’s critical that your store matches your other branding and has a distinct look.

Design, on the other hand, can be tough; if you don’t have the necessary expertise in-house, you may have to outsource it, which can be costly. Using a template is a nice method to solve this problem. Templates are pre-made site designs that you can easily implement across your store while customizing with your own branding aspects. This provides you the power of a professional, stunning design without the time and money of building it yourself or hiring a professional. Before picking which platform to employ, take a look at their templates.

What is the experience like for the end-user?

Obviously, this is one of the most crucial aspects of your choosing. Modern clients want a seamless, uncomplicated experience when shopping online, and ecommerce is becoming increasingly competitive. If your store has them jump through hoops in order to finish their purchase, they’ll most likely leave empty-handed. Our technology allows users to simplify the checkout process into a single page, as well as enabling guest checkouts, which eliminate the need for customers to create an account before completing their purchase.

Customers are the ones that will use your store, so make sure they have a great time!

Is it equipped with the tools and functionality you require?

There’s no way about it: selling online is a difficult industry that requires powerful tools to thrive. Make sure the platform you select provides the features you need to succeed. Not only do you require features to aid conversion – such as suggested products, behavioral discounts, and so on – but you also require ease of use in terms of back-end maintenance. Taking a test drive is frequently the only way to determine if a platform is suited for you. That’s why we’re happy to offer all of our customers a 14-day free trial with no strings attached and no credit card information necessary.

Are you going to be able to get the help you require?

It’s likely that you’ll require assistance at some point, whether you’re an Ecommerce master or a novice. That’s why, before settling on a platform, it’s always a good idea to look at the available support alternatives. Support should ideally be available through a variety of channels, including forums, online documentation, live chat, and support tickets.

Is the information safe?

Security is, of course, a major concern in the Ecommerce world. Your store, as well as the sensitive data it handles, must be kept safe and secure at all times for the sake of your consumers and yourself.

Before proceeding, make sure your chosen platform is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. This is a set of rules that ensures that businesses that process or transmit credit card information do so in a secure manner. By making sure you do your homework here, you may save yourself and your customers a lot of trouble.

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