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How to Fix Frizzy Hair After Blow Drying

If you are dreaming about a smooth and sleek salon-grade blow dry at home but failed to achieve. You always try too hard to get a salon-grade high-quality soft blowout but the results are always disappointing because it ends with frizzy and unmanageable hair. If you have tried a lot of life hacks to get rid of this frizzy finish then this article is going to help you out. You can achieve frizz free smooth blowout at home without spending a lot of time and money. This can be true but you need to follow the step we are going to state. After following these simple tips and tricks you can achieve high-quality smooth blow dry at home. 

How to Fix Frizzy Hair After Blow Drying

You can fix frizzy hair after blow drying but you need to take care of these tips while blow drying your hair. If you follow these guidelines then you must be able to finish your blow dry smoothly. 

Prep Your Hair

I witness some people just wash their hair with a shampoo and start blow drying their water dripping hair. This is a huge mistake you make when it comes to blow drying. If you want a completely fixed hairstyle then avoid such mistakes you make in rush. A perfect blow drying depends on prepping your hair, it shows how you prepare your hair to undergo a hot tool like a blow dryer. Therefore always use a deep conditioner after shampoo and rinse it with water after a couple of minutes. Towel dry your hair up to 50% then detangle your hair and think about blow drying. When you have damp hair that is not dripping water then you are ready to follow the next step. 

Apply Leave-in Conditioner

After detangling your hair with a wide comb grab your leave-in conditioner. Take a handful of your conditioning cream/foam or gel and apply it on hair strands. Focus on hair length and pay extra attention to hair ends. Because the damaged hair strands and split ends create frizz. If it is in spray form then cover all hair strands with the product, you can use your fingers to cover all strands. If you have curly hair then scrunch your curls having the condition in your hands. But if you are going to get perfectly defined curls then choose a lightweight conditioner. 

Apply Pre-drying Smoothing Products

Before you start blow drying your hair, the stylists recommend you to put some pre-drying smoothing products. These pre-drying products come in the form of certain oils or sprays in the market. You should apply these products to get a smooth styling without frizz. It softens your hair strands and protects you from extreme heat damage caused by a blow dryer. These products conditions your hair strands deeply making them smooth and silky. This step is important if you are dreaming about a frizz free blowout. 

Invest in a High-quality Blow Dryer

A cheap blow dryer could damage your hair with harmful radiations. The cheap blow dryer is made up of low quality plastic that could burn your hair with extreme heat damage. Therefore to achieve a high quality and frizz free blow dry you need to choose a high-quality blow dryer. You can go with Dyson supersonic or other high-end blow dryers to achieve brilliant blow dry. The reason behind choosing a high-quality blow dryer is the technology used to manufacture it. The high-quality blow dryers feature ionic and ceramic technologies to protect your hair strands from extreme heat damage. The ionic technology-based hair dryer is manufacture to reduce frizz and provide smooth blowout. 

Right Drying Technique

When you blow dry your hair you need to learn the exact technique to overcome frizz and damage. Keep drying and brushing your hair in the direction that it grows to avoid frizz. Because you often flip your hair in the opposite direction to add more volume to your hair but it creates frizz. Flipping your hair in the opposite direction might make your hair strands tangled and increase damage. Direct the airflow in the direction that the hair grows and keep brushing in the same direction. 

Opt for The Correct Brush Type

You can choose either a bristle or ceramic brush to dry and style your hair conveniently. A round brush enhances volume and makes your hair smoother. The round ceramic brush helps to style your hair professionally without creating any frizz. It would be better if you start brushing your hair with a round brush. It adds more volume and makes your hair smoother. You can try both brushes and choose the best one that suits you.

Apply Post-drying Wax or Matte Pomade

Blow drying is an enjoyable experience if it ends up with smooth shiny hair. You should use a hair care product after completing the blow drying experience. This step enhances the natural shine while adding more volume and smoothness. Applying a hair care product after finishing blow provides a salon-grade finish with a glossy look. You can fix frizzy hair after blow drying by following these simple steps.