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To make your money from your makeup blogs

If it is within your ability, you can choose better shooting equipment as much as possible, or you can hire a professional web designer to design and create your makeup blog. Although the initial investment is relatively large, these are worthwhile and can help you Lay a solid foundation for future development.
Improving the quality of content in all aspects is the “golden rule” of social media operations!
Also, maintaining consistency in content direction is crucial for good makeup blog, especially for newcomers who have yet to gather a loyal fan base. And you should maintain a steady output, producing content on a regular basis to capture and keep your audience’s attention.
All of the above will be difficult to do without a careful plan. So you’d better think about the content that will be released in the near future in advance, so as to ensure that the output content is high-quality and stable.
Each of us is not an all-rounder who is proficient in three hundred and sixty lines. Only one or two specialties are not enough to become an enduring blogger, so you need to keep learning knowledge, which can not only help you improve your content Quality, is also the only way to build credibility and earn trust among your fans, because you need to make the people who support you feel your sincerity.

Fan NO_FAN_NO_FUN (Weibo, Station B)
She is a Taiwanese blogger who prefers European and American makeup, and was born as a model. She has a unique appearance and style, and her makeup is retro European and American, and she has her own ideas. The voice is very similar to Jolin Tsai.
This is my selfish recommendation. The early beauty bloggers are my first mentors in beauty. However, Fanzi is now half-retired from the Internet, and is actively fighting against depression. Stay away from negative news, stay with the people you like, and hope Fanzi can return in good health!To build high quality makeup blog from now.
LizLu chestnut (station b)
A blogger with oily skin, a soft-spoken fat lady. In the early days, I started my business by relying on technology, which saved my wet and wild eye shadow at the bottom of the box. She is the first beauty blogger who makes me feel that technology and self-confidence are more important than face. Watching her make up is really refreshing and stress-relieving. I followed her to learn the universal formula for eye shadow painting, and it has been tried and tested! The rhythm of the video is also well grasped, and the explanation is very delicate. He is a conscientious blogger who works hard to let fans understand and learn.It is a good way to earn money from makeup blog.
Shuidandan (Weibo, Xiaohongshu, public account)
A blogger who doesn’t show his full face, the eye makeup and lipstick color test is very good. Now transform into a plog blogger. As an early beauty blogger, technology and aesthetics are at the top level for me. Dandan’s current life is exactly what every girl dreams of, semi-retired and financially free. I chase cats and stars every day, and I don’t open a beauty store to cut leeks or anything, and I often promote some easy-to-use and cheap Korean makeup. It is also a rare beauty blogger who is not a Versailles blogger at all and has the least ugly eating appearance. It seems that the family has money and does not need to use random marketing to make ends meet. During the epidemic, I did my job of beauty makeup well, and did not export opinions indiscriminately.
Cheng Shi’an (Weibo, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, Douyin)
He studies makeup beauty skills very seriously, and shares them with fans without reservation. Watching Shi’an’s video is like taking a beauty class. She is a gentle and gentle big sister who speaks rationally, calmly and orderly, without being noisy, and full of dry goods. I got into the hair washing video, and using that hair washing method is really useful, the hair is really smooth and obedient. There is a collection of dry goods on the sister’s station b account, makeup beginners can rush! You will have a more systematic perception of makeup and avoid detours. Shi’an’s tips on how to do hair are also very practical!