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How Solo Traveling is Helpful To Know Yourself Deeply?

The perks of traveling with family are many but things get ugly pretty soon when everyone has to share the bathroom at the same time. This is why, so many people from around the world are leaving their nests to see the adventures of hills and oceans, deserts and roads, on their own. If you are an avid walker then probably, it’s not your first time booking solo Gokyo Ri trekking tours or the much comfortable Dolpo trekking tours. The art of traveling solo is starting to gather momentum as it brings about changes that last for a lifetime. “Why”, you ask? The freedom to choose any path you want, the thrill of experiencing a new place on your own, the happiness you get after achieving the solo journey, etc., count as major life-changing forces that should be experienced by everyone. Unless you enjoy getting trapped in a boat with all your family members, we recommend a soul-diving solo traveling experience.

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Here are 5 reasons why solo traveling helps you in knowing yourself deeply:

  • Walk away from that boring comfort zone

The experience of traveling on your own may seem like a challenge at first but it pushes you out of your comfort zone instantly. Planning a solo trip helps you take charge of the journey that only you get to undertake which puts the responsibility of food, lodging, and commuting on you. Some groups can help you take care of that if you’re a beginner. Such as Annapurna circuit trekking tours can help you enjoy the solo wanderlust while taking care of the food and camping. Nonetheless, the idea of traveling alone helps solo travelers rely on themselves which helps a great deal if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to be told what to do. So plan a solo trip and know a part of yourself that you never had a chance to know while traveling with a group of family or friends.

  • New place, new experience
    Humans like change but not so much when it comes to finding new places on their own. As primates, our ancestors always liked traveling in packs, like wolves. But with the ongoing evolution to an extent that we can easily locate the Bahamas on Google Maps, exploring new places doesn’t seem like a threat. Exploring new territories is easier and safer with the help of the internet as many apps can help us translate the language of the place we’re exploring, find easy accommodations, explore monuments, etc., in no time. The 21st century is the best time to travel solo and you can easily find the new “you” in a new place too!
  • Discover peace of mind
    It’s true when they say that peace of mind also depends on where one lives. Traveling solo can give you an instant disconnect from the place you live, the people you surround yourself with, the food you eat as you chart new territories on the globe, on your own. This kind of discovery also leads to finding peace of mind for many. So, take the chance and book a solo trip now!
  • Overcome unknown fears
    Remember the time when you were pretty sure that new places scare you. And you were certain about that side of yourself. It’s time to bust that self-made myth and plan a solo trip to someplace that offers beauty and magic. Just look up the kind of place you want to visit—such as a mountain, or a lake, or simply a new landscape with loads of greenery—and start preparing for a short journey. This way you can start working on your fear of the unknown and who knows, you might become the fearless globe-trotter in no time!
  • New friendships
    The best part about traveling solo is that you don’t have to bear the burdens of having an unwanted company of family, friends, or colleagues. But the best part of traveling solo is also that you might make new friends too! Experience the thrill of knowing yourself better by welcoming strangers into your conversations. Sometimes, the best kinds of friendships are formed several miles away from home, in unknown terrain, under a different sky where you never expected to find acquaintance, let alone friendships. So go ahead and take that risk. Be the world’s best friend and put yourself out there in your solo traveler’s shoes.
Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh