How Much Does It Cost to Lease a Van for Business?

One of the best ways to handle your business’ transportation needs is to lease a van for business. Cheap Van Leasing Deals not only eliminate the headache of maintaining a vehicle; but also, it becomes tax-deductible!

Leasing vans allow you to get behind the wheel of a van and bring your goods more efficiently to clients. However, people are often surprised at just how much leasing a van costs.

This article helps you learn just how much it is going to cost you each month to lease a van for your business.

How Much Does Van Leasing Cost?

In the traditional business world, a company that needs to ship goods or transport personnel will lease vans.

Leasing a van is a low-risk starter option. Leasing as an option for small business owners began to take form in the early 1980s and today is a viable method of vehicle acquisition and funding for businesses with little financial resources.

This very common business practice is a practical and convenient way to obtain the vehicles needed without the upfront costs of buying one. 

Using this method of obtaining vehicles is also helpful on the cash flow front because most van leasing companies offer low monthly payments and flexible terms.

The most important benefit of leasing vans from a dealer is you will be able to acquire very high-quality vehicles without having to make any long-term commitment or purchase any type of asset.

Leasing a van for business has many advantages, which include: quick approval, low down payment, low monthly payments, no residuals (compared to buying new vans), and more.

The average cost of leasing a van is between $300 and $500 per month.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Costs

Commercial vehicle insurance costs for the average private fleet van is $3,072 annually.

Insurance carriers are quoting an average of $480 less for big fleets with more than 11 vehicles compared to individual entrepreneurs.

With this kind of insurance rates and quotes, you can confidently expand your business without the risk of losing your investments.

The average cost of insurance for a large vehicle like a delivery van, cargo van, or light truck is $1,460 per year.

Smaller vehicles like a saloon or hatchback are around $730 per year.

Cost of Fuel and Routine Maintenance

The cost of fuel and routine maintenance for your new van is a one-time fee, not part of the leasing agreement.

There is a one-time $150 administrative fee (not collected for existing fleet vehicle customers).

Fuel costs are the largest expense for most of the small businesses. How much you’ll pay depends on mileage and if you go over your assigned contract miles.

Fuel and routine maintenance costs are generally lower when you lease.

Bottom Line

Leasing a van for business is one of the most affordable ways to gain access to reliable transportation for small and large businesses.

Do consult experienced lease consultants before deciding to lease a car.

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