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Spiti Valley Bike Tour Package

Spiti valley motorcycle tours are among the best and most fantastic thing one can do in his or her lifetime. Rugged terrains, dry landscape, and the cold desert is something which will surely make your heart pound widely on Spiti Valley Bike Tour Package.

The Himalayas are known worldwide for Manali to Leh Ladakh motorcycle tour. And recently this route has become so famous that every biker in the world dreams of conquering this route. But very few people know about the Manali to Spiti valley motorcycle tours.

The Manali to Spiti Valley motorcycle tours starts from a small town, Bhuntar in Kullu district and ends up in Manali. If you ask any true biker or adventure enthusiast. One will tell you about the opulent and impeccable beauty which Bhuntar to Spiti Valley motorcycle tours offers 8-).

In order to plan Spiti Valley motorcycle tours, one needs to reach Bhuntar town either by air or by using the most common transportation method, the Volvo bus. After reaching Bhuntar one can start the journey and head towards the first stop for the night, Shoja.

this is the spiti valley bike going to kaza

Journey Of Spiti Valley Motorcycle Tours

The journey from Bhuntar to Shoja is considered as one of the most beautiful driving routes in Himachal Pradesh. The 50 km journey from Bhuntar to Shoja is surrounded by lush green deodar trees, on one side. And gushing Beas river on the other.

The itinerary of your trip totally depends on your riding skill and endurance. Some can travel large distances on the bike in one day and some can’t. Hence we have formulated the most accepted itinerary. Which is followed by 80% of the riders traveling towards Spiti valley from Bhuntar.

It’s day 2 of your tour when one feels the real wrath of Himalayan roads, Crossing Jalori pass can become challenging sometimes as it needs great balancing skills.

After crossing Jalori Pass one needs to ride till the famous village of Kalpa. Later days of the journey are marked by covering some of the most famous places in Kinnaur and Spiti region, like NakoDhankarKaza, Komic and finally Chandratal Lake. The best part of planning motorcycle tours to Spiti valley is that one start’s his or her journey from Bhuntar and end’s up in Manali without traveling on the same road twice, The entire journey is a round trip, and that what makes it so special. 🙂