Honey perfect diary loose powder

Refuse to be an oil beauty, these makeup powder are recommended to you!

Every girl’s bag will put all kinds of cosmetics, one of which must be fixed makeup powder! For girls, whenever they go out, whether it’s a date, a classmate’s party, a man’s God, or a romantic enemy, the most afraid thing is beautiful makeup! So today I’m going to talk to you about making up.

What is makeup setting powder?

Makeup setting powder, commonly known as honey powder and loose powder, is a kind of cosmetics. Generally, it contains fine talc powder, which can absorb excess facial oil, reduce facial gloss, and make makeup more lasting, smooth and delicate. Loose powder also has the effect of concealer, creating a soft makeup, presenting a hazy beauty.

Types of makeup setting powder

Honey perfect diary loose powder:

Honey powder is light and transparent. Honey powder is thinner than loose powder, but it has no function of concealer. It has more color numbers and is better than powder in correcting skin color.

Powder Perfect diary loose powder:

It has strong sunscreen effect, and the concealing effect of powder is also obvious. The drier the powder, the weaker the concealing effect, but the more natural the makeup. Powder itself can absorb oil, so it is suitable for girls with oily and mixed skin. It is not recommended for dry skin people. It’s convenient to carry, and you can make up at any time.

Wet perfect diary loose powder:

Loose powder containing moisturizing ingredients. Wet powder has the best concealing effect, but it doesn’t look so natural.

perfect diary loose powder:

Loose powder can absorb the excess oil on the face, make the makeup lasting, and have this effect.

The color number of loose powder should be the same as that of foundation make-up. Otherwise, loose powder and foundation make-up with different color numbers will make the whole makeup look very muddy.

For the beauty of all girls, I have carefully selected 10 easy-to-use makeup setting powders for you.