Home insurance: the subscription following the purchase of a property

After purchasing their home, the new owner must take out home insurance. This practice is compulsory according to the law and the situation of the resident (co-ownership). It also allows the purchaser to secure his property against possible incidents and accidents that may occur. And if often, we are used to favouring the choice of a new cover after signing the sales contract, the buyer has two options.

The transfer of a home insurance contract

Buying a home involves certain responsibilities on the part of the new owner. Taking out a home insurance policy is one of them. The cases of claims are more and more numerous in France, not having a fund to cover the expenses would be a mistake especially when one must also reimburse the bank.

Moreover, on this point, those who wish to know more about a possible renewal of credit can access the real estate credit simulator on! With regard to insurance, the ideal would be for the agreement to be signed upon acquisition of the property.

Taking out home insurance means first of all choosing the establishment and the formula that meets your needs. Sometimes it takes time. It will then be necessary to set up a file with the professionals and to know the conditions and the clauses presented. So, to facilitate the task of future policyholders, the law has provided that the automatic transfer of the contract from the seller to the buyer is possible.

The continuity of insurance is what the brands call this practice. The transfer of responsibilities will take place as soon as the deed of sale is signed. This is an option since the beneficiary can always terminate this agreement if the conditions in the insurance contract do not suit him.

Subscribe to a new insurance contract

Whether or not the new owner plans to occupy the house he just bought, home insurance will allow him to preserve it. It happens, in fact, that after the signing of the sales contract, the owner of the premises wishes to rent out his property and thinks that it will be up to the tenant to settle this detail.

Of course, temporary residents also have their obligations, but it is the purchaser who is responsible for protecting their home. Since in case of accidents and if reimbursements have to be made, he will be the main responsible known by law. The insurance will then help cover the costs. 

A home insurance plan is made up of several guarantees. You have, in the first place, the civil liability which occurs when it comes to damage to third parties. This option is the fundamental obligation of the owner. However, the multi-risk formula is also a good way to secure your property.

By choosing this type of coverage, the insured benefits from maximum protection for residents and accommodation. The guarantees will be effective in the event of water damage, fire or even explosion. This formula also provides for reimbursement of costs in the event of glass breakage or natural disasters. Finally, the subscriber can ask that we add additional guarantees such as that on theft or that for the garage.