Quickbooks Error 6190: How To Resolve It

Today we found a Quickbooks error 6190 when we try to access the company file path on the hosted computer. We saw the file is not accessible from a hosted computer. So we decided to resolve this QB error 6190-816. So let’s see how to fix this QB error.

Before preceding how to resolve it, we should know the reason behind Quickbooks error.

Cause Of Quickbooks Error 6190

After lots of research, we found that it can occur due to various reasons Some of them are listed below :

  • Logfile unavailable: Quickbooks error 6190 occurs when any company has done any transaction then Quickbooks generate logfile. Therefore QB sore this log file as company file name.QBW.tlg file. Hence you can’t open it to convert this file into the company data file. So when”.Qbw” file doesn’t match the tlg file then we get QB error 6190.
  • Single User Mode: When any user tries to access the company file in single-user mode. So for your information, we inform you, Quickbooks has some restrictions in single-user mode. Hence you cant disable Quickbooks manager in single-user mode. That’s why we get Quickbooks error 6190.
  • Update failure: Sometimes company file started to update in the new device but it can’t update the transaction file. So we get Quickbooks error 6190-816.
  • Data Corruption:  If Quickbooks data file has been deleted from Quickbooks directory list then we have this QB error.

Signs of QuickBooks error 6190 and 816

Various symptoms you can see some of them are listed below…

  • You will see QB error 6190 on the screen and crashes the active program window. 
  • Your system crashes with Quickbooks error 6190. 
  • Windows runs sluggishly and responds late to input. 
  • Your computer freezes from time to time.

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Step 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool

The first factor you ought to do is update your QuickBooks and install the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. To resolve this Quickbooks error you will need to follow the below steps

  1. Run the device. 
  2. If you’re not logged in as Associate in Nursing administrator, it’ll raise you to try to thus. 
  3. 2 choices are going to be seen on the screen: network property solely and each file injury and network connectivity. 
  4. You want to select the primary possibility because it can notice all corrupt and broken files and fix error 6190 of QuickBooks. 
  5.  Next, once it asks for the positive identification, enter your administrator’s positive identification. 
  6. it’ll then raise if the file is on a digital computer or server. you ought to choose as per your selection then click on Proceed.

Step 2 Rename Your Company File Name 

Make sure that you just are mistreatment the pc during which the corporate file was saved. Then have to rename the company files. This failed to cause any information loss. you’ll be able to rename the file through the subsequent steps:

  • Open the corporate folder.
  • The dealing log file and company file can have constant names, however totally different extensions. for instance, the corporate file would be named [company file name] .qbw.nd and therefore the dealing log file would be named [company file name] .qbw.tlg. you would like to spot 2 of these company files. Renaming the file is simply the tough half.
  • Once found, right-click the corporate file and opt for the “Rename” choice. Enter any new name or simply add “-hold” to the top of the name.
  • Make sure you’re not removing the extension or “.qbw.nd” from the top.
  • In the same approach, rename the dealing log file while not feat the extension.
  • Now exit the system.
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  • Open QuickBooks and take a look at to login to the corporate file.
  • Hopefully, this may resolve your issue.

Step 3: Update Your Older Window Version To New One

If you want to run smooth your Quickbooks then you have to keep your software always up to date. Let’s see how to do this update procedure.

  1. First, You will need to update your window.
  2. When the update process has been completed then restart your computer.
  3. Now again install Quickbooks on your desktop.

Step 4: When You are using Single User Mode

As mentioned earlier, if a user is accessing an organization enter single mode, you’ll receive error-6190. To avoid following the listed steps:

  • Ensure that all users are logged out of the QuickBooks file.
  • Then, restart the pc.
  • Now copy the info file to the desktop or the other location aside from your supply.
  • Again copy the info file to its original location.
  • Sign in to QuickBooks.
  • If this additionally doesn’t work as a final resort, strive to change your Windows version once the newest update is accessible.


Quickbooks error 6129 is a headache for all Quickbooks users. That’s why we have provided a solution on behalf of our research on various conditions. You can follow all the above steps to resolve your query. And if this blog was helpful for you then you must like and comment below.