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Echemi: a digital distribution service platform

Echemi was founded in 2009 and has been deeply engaged in the chemical industry for more than ten years. From 2015, Echemi has gradually transformed into a digital distribution service platform for fine chemical products with global service capabilities. This gorgeous transformation from offline to online has achieved quite impressive results in recent years. Since the epidemic swept the world, the atmosphere of the fine chemical cross-border distribution industry has been difficult, while Echemi has constantly achieved its own breakthroughs and rapid growth in adversity. Echemi was listed on the ICIS Global Chemical Distributors List in 2020, and ranked 55th in the Top 100 in 2022. It rose against the trend and has a promising future.

In the ICIS Global Top 100 Chemical Distributors List, Echemi has advanced to 55 overall. With sales of US $166.51 million and US $82.54 million respectively, it ranked 24th and 21st in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East Africa sub-lists. In addition, there are also top 100 achievements in the sub-list of America and Europe.

Different from traditional chemical foreign trade, as a new “cross-border e-commerce” in the chemical industry, it creates a strong digital cross-border supply chain atmosphere combining online and offline. In recent years, Echemi has focused on the layout of the global supply chain and formed a cross-border supply chain network with 20 operation centers, 5 overseas warehouses and one laboratory around the world. This huge international team has gathered professionals from all over the world to build a localized marketing network, providing services closer to local customers’ habits, including the entire warehouse distribution system, online information services and full-process cross-border solutions for fine chemical.

In addition, Echemi has completed a round A financing of more than 100 million yuan in 2021. This round of financing is invested by Xinli Capital and Milestone Venture Capital, and Mountain View Capital serves as the exclusive financial adviser. The raised funds are used for the construction of global cross-border supply chain service system, digital capacity upgrading and product expansion. This will undoubtedly inject new strength into Echemi’s efforts to build a healthy ecosystem of the chemical industry in the world, and provide a powerful shot in the way of offline cross-border supply chain and online digitalization.

Echemi in 2022 is still on the way, from TOP66 to TOP55 on the ICIS authoritative list. No matter in the rest of 2022 or in 2023, 2024… Echemi will focus on exploring the development path of fine chemical cross-border supply chain in the current environment, and use digital technology to drive business upgrading and efficiency improvement, so as to accept more customers, meet the real needs of customers in a faster, more efficient and lower cost way, and drive industrialization and globalization of the one-stop chemical ecosystem with actual service capacity upgrading. Yikaimei Group (hereinafter referred to as Echemi) has completed a round A financing of more than 100 million yuan, with Xinli Capital as the exclusive investment and Shanjing Capital as the exclusive financial consultant. This round of financing will be used for the construction of global distribution and supply chain service system, digital capacity upgrading and product expansion.

Echemi was founded in 2009 and has been deeply involved in the fine chemical industry for more than 10 years. It has gradually transformed into a digital distribution service platform for fine chemical products with global service capabilities since 2015. At the same time, it will build a global supply chain system and its own digital capabilities as a starting point to comprehensively build a digitally-driven global new product launch platform, product distribution platform and local service platform for fine chemical products, Work with all parties in the industrial chain to build an efficient industrial ecosystem.

Compared with basic chemical products, fine chemical products have the characteristics of complex SKU, high added value, strong pertinence and high technical content. Countries also take the development of fine chemical industry as the development direction of traditional chemical structure upgrading and industrial transformation. According to the data of Facts and Factors 2020, the global fine chemical market size in 2019 was 610 billion US dollars, which is expected to exceed trillion by 2026.

In recent years, the production capacity of fine chemical has the trend of transferring and gathering to China. At present, China’s fine chemical production capacity has accounted for 40% of the global share. Many products are comparable and even surpass European and American countries in terms of quality, technology research and development and product iteration. However, problems such as asymmetric information in the industrial chain, low transaction efficiency and multiple service levels also restrict Chinese enterprises to go global. China’s fine chemical industry urgently needs to establish more efficient global distribution channels, brand communication capabilities and supply chain service systems.

Echemi provides full-link professional services for global industrial customers by building four digital centers of information, transaction, data and ecology, and helps China’s high-quality fine chemical products go global.

Unlike traditional information platforms, Echemi.COM is a transaction-oriented information service system that provides customers with multi-dimensional data such as product encyclopedia, industry real-time news, price trends, trading quotations, supply and demand information. At present, it has deposited more than 300000 SKUs and 100000 users from more than 100 countries and regions, and is increasing at the rate of 20000 SKUs per month. It has developed into a global information center in the field of fine chemical.

Due to the long cross-border transaction process, many participants and various nodes involved, and the great differences in the policies of various countries in the fine chemical industry, in view of the above characteristics, Echemi has built its own transaction service system, created industry-applicable CRM, ERP, DSS and other systems, and through data docking with partners, broke the information island, opened up traffic nodes, smoothed the transaction process, and improved transaction efficiency. At the same time, Echemi has established an international team, set up subsidiaries and offices in nearly 20 countries, and set up a localized warehouse distribution system in the world to serve customers more locally.

In the future, Echemi plans to open localized service capabilities to the whole industry, open the POP platform, create a more prosperous industry ecosystem, and on this basis, further precipitate data, expand categories, improve service capabilities, and form a one-stop supply chain service platform for the globalization of fine chemical industry.