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Essence liquid in the beauty supply store
After you apply the facial mask, be sure to thoroughly clean it with clean water than the residual essence on the skin. Especially at the junction of eyebrows, hair, and face, if these places are not cleaned, they are prone to acne. Essence liquid can be used after cleaning. Because essence liquid belongs to skin care products with high concentrations of a macromolecule, attention must be paid to the dosage when using it, which is generally about three drops. Don’t use too much, otherwise, it will not only waste the essence but also increase the burden on the skin, leading to other problems on the skin.
Lotion and face cream in the beauty supply store
Many cute people will feel that they have used essence, and should not use other skin care products later! In fact, after finishing the essence liquid, you must use lotion and face cream to replenish and lock the water. However, I believe that many cute people will feel that face cream and lotion have similar skin care effects, both of which have the effect of moisturizing. There seems to be no difference between them except that they are relatively loose and sticky. In fact, lotion can replenish and lock water, but its moisturizing effect is not so good. The face cream is moisturizing, so lotion and face cream should be used in the dry season in autumn and winter.
sunscreen cream in the beauty supply store
Ultraviolet rays will not only tan us but also accelerate the aging of our skin. Don’t be silly to think that it is autumn and winter now, and the ultraviolet rays are weak, so don’t apply sunscreen. We must wear sunscreen when we go out, otherwise, the skin care actions we have worked hard before will be wasted.