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Cheap VPS Hosting Solutions From a Hosting Provider – Onlive Server

When it comes to making the choice of a hosting provider, the very first thing you need to ponder on is the type of hosting service you require. This is important considering the fact that there are several varieties of hosting solutions available in the market. With several web firms competing for business out there, presenting their hosting packages in different specifications and configurations, things might get a bit confusing. Added to this annoyance are the technical terms such as GB, DNS, and bandwidth that can go just above your head. All these things bundled up together can go a long way in discouraging an individual who thinks of starting a business online. Hosting Provider, we can help to start your business.

Cheap VPS Hosting
Cheap VPS Hosting

Different Varieties of Web Servers Offered by Hosting Providers

For businessmen, it is important to understand that as their business grows; their website hosting requirement will increase. They will gradually become more complicated as well. inexpensive and free website hosting packages might be perfect for startups but they might not be able to handle the pressure and the traffic on fully developed sites. This is the time when businesses need to start looking for ways to beef up their web servers. That being said let us have a look at the different varieties of server solutions available from web hosting providers:

Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting, the site is hosted on a shared server or a server that is shared by other websites too. One of the most basic benefits of this kind of hosting is shared prices. The website owners do not need to pay much for getting their sites hosted on shared servers mainly because they do not get to use the resources and hardware of the server solely. In fact, they remain at the mercy of the other website of the server. Popular sites being hosted on shared servers can have adverse effects on the performance of the other sites.

Cloud Web Hosting

This is a very new web hosting technology allowing several individual servers to work together so that they appear as one big server. here, the main idea is that as there is an increase in the need of the sites, the hosting agencies keep adding more hardware for making larger grids. The best thing about this web hosting solution is that it has the ability to accommodate a huge amount of traffic without any major issues.


Virtual Private Server

This is a setting where one physical server is divided into a number of virtual servers. Each virtual server on the physical server is allocated to just one website or user. This means that the resources and the hardware of the site remain dedicated for the use of that one server and not the other sites being hosted on the same server.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is where the resources and other configurations of a server remain dedicated to the use of just one website or client. There are no other sites being hosted on the same server nor any physical divisions or compartmentalizations.

Some common questions in this regard are as follows:

  • What is colocation hosting?

Ans Colocation hosting is where clients get the scope of renting rack space from data centers.

  • What is self-service hosting?

Ans The user buys the server, installs and configures software and ensures there are sufficient power and cooling. Basically you have your own server and you manage it on your own.

  • What is managed Hosting?

Ans Managed hosting is the same as self-service hosting but there is the hosting provider taking care of everything.

  • Are the hosting packages flexible?

Ans Yes.

  • Do I get complete assistance?

Ans Yes. You get the complete customer and technical support for all the problems you might be facing.

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