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Best Electric Mountain Bikes for All Dimensions of 2022

Are you looking for the best electric mountain bike? We studied the latest and best e-MTB models and purchased seven tests and comparisons side-by-side. When a striking new model comes into the market, we will buy it for testing and add it to the evaluation. Our testers rode each electric mountain bike for hundreds of miles, countless times, and the vertical height reached absurd heights. During the test, we analyzed the design and manufacture of each bicycle, and rated their uphill and downhill performance, distance range, power output, as well as the user friendliness of the control and interface of the electric bicycle. There are many excellent models in the market. We hope that this detailed comparative review can help you find e-MTB that suits your needs and budget. Here’s a list for the best electric mountain bikes for sale near me.


Optimal overall E-MTB dedicated turbine excitation compensation

Professional turbine excitation compensation alloy returned to our electric mountain bike test and claimed the highest step on the podium for the fourth consecutive year. When it is updated to the 2022 model year, it looks almost the same as the previous version, but there are several significant changes, including the height adjustable geometry that debuted on the Stumpjumper EVO, the hybrid wheel size, and the new Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor.


Adjustable geometry is a real highlight, allowing riders to set the bike in six different configurations via adjustable head cups and flip chip stays on the chain. The head cup allows you to change the head tube angle between 65.5 degrees and 63.5 degrees at a time, while the flip chip adjusts the bottom bracket height by 7mm between high and low positions.


Optimum range Canyon spectrum: at CF 8

The canyon left us a deep impression with a new spectrum: ON CF 8. This bike is redesigned for the 2022 model. It uses a hybrid wheel size, a range of 155/150 meters, a modern off-road vehicle geometry, a full carbon frame, and can hold a huge 900Wh battery. The trusted Shimano EP8 motor has been slightly tilted to accommodate the large battery, which is specially designed to keep the weight of the frame as low as possible.


The result is an amazing balance bike, still impressive in mobility and liveliness despite its weight. At the same time, it is very stable, has enough travel, and can confidently handle anything that most people will consider riding down, without feeling difficult on more mature terrain. The geometry of the off-road vehicle has achieved a good balance in terms of climbing comfort, mobility and versatility, making it very comprehensive. A great construction further enhances its performance.


The best Bang for Buck starts Meta Power TR riding

In the process of constantly searching for the most cost-effective electric mountain bike, we recently purchased Meta Power TR Ride from the direct brand of consumers. Although this is still a drop in the bucket, compared with mainstream brands, it is quite affordable, especially in the case of rising prices. The 29er has 140 mm travel with 150 mm forks and a serious long and loose geometry. It is really active in speed, confident and calm in the aggressive terrain, but it is still interesting to drive on the softer path. A steep seat tube supports the rider comfortably, and the pedal’s assistance and length help you climb with strength. The new Shimano EP8 motor works well and is a particularly good specification built on the cheapest range. 630Wh battery is also a good choice, and the endurance of Meta Power TR is considerable. The construction is absolutely budget oriented, but when the rubber hits the soil, all of these are well combined.