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8 Ebike Parts and Accessories For New

1 – The hitchhiker is driven by the kac overspeed


We want a bicycle frame that can bear the weight of two electric bicycles and can safely lock our bicycles.


We have read that some e bike parts and accessories can easily steal your bike, as long as you put a tire on them. Of course, we don’t want that! We choose KAC free riding bicycle frame, because each bike can bear 60 pounds of weight, which makes your bike secure and anti sway,


It also has a tilt design that makes it easy to get into the back of your car. You can use this bike frame for ordinary bikes, fat tire bikes, or any electric bike. This is the best electric bicycle rack we can find, and my husband said it is easy to assemble.


2 – Bicycle cover frame


In the list of accessories for electric bicycles we want to buy, the most important thing is a cover, which can be used to check our bicycles when they are placed on the ride frame. If you want to travel long distances, you will want to protect your bike from road debris, rain and dust.


I like the Formosa bike cover shown below, because it covers 3-4 bikes, gets a good evaluation and completely encloses your bike. (I will give an update after we purchase and use this cover.)


3 – Wireless earplugs are provided by soundcore

I’m a little worried about riding my bike with wireless headphones because I’m afraid they might fall out. I was wrong! The Bluetooth headset produced by Soundcore has ear tips and ear wings of different sizes, which can make the headset fit perfectly to the ear.


If inserted correctly, they will lock in your ear. Therefore, they are one of the best wireless headphones for both ears. The price of this earplug is only about $50, and the sound quality and noise reduction function are very good.


  1. Bike helmet liner is composed of head cap


Skull Cap’s hat is thin, can be placed under the helmet, and can keep warm. This kind of fabric is light and hygroscopic. If it is very cold outside, we sometimes put two layers on it, or put a ear warmers on it. (See below)


5 – Wool Ear Warmer/Hair Band of the French Fitness Revolution


The ear warmers produced by the French Fitness Revolution Company are suitable for both men and women. My husband and I like it very much. They cover your ears and forehead, making you warm and comfortable. It is easy to wear, and very thin, can be worn under the bicycle helmet. I also wore earplugs under the ear warmer.

  1. The bicycle telephone is installed by seven Spartans


This phone is a small to large phone owned by Seven Spartans. My mobile phone is very big, because I have a solid case.

It has four telescopic arms, which can tightly hold the corner of your phone. I have ridden hundreds of miles of bicycles, and sometimes I encounter many bumps. This mobile phone holder makes my mobile phone safe.


7 – Bike phone bag/bike wallet by savage


My husband keeps his mobile phone in the waterproof bicycle bag of Wild Man. You can put a lot of things in this bicycle wallet – water bottles, wallets, keys, snacks, tools, and of course, mobile phones.


The phone is safe in the plastic case. You can easily see your phone, listen to music with the touch screen or use Google Maps. This bag is not suitable for cruising bikes because it needs to be placed on the top bar of traditional bikes.

8 – Bike carrier


I like these bicycle bags (saddle bags) of BV very much. There are three large zip pockets on each side, giving you enough space to hold several items. I like to take a picnic with me and ride for hours. There is enough space for drinks, sandwiches, snacks, etc. I can also bring an extra jacket. 


You need a bracket to install your saddle bag. We have purchased a bicycle frame travel carrier from Iberia and have always been satisfied. It can carry 55 pounds and has a quick release package installation system.