What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgery Or Bariatric Surgery helps in reducing the excess body weight primarily by restricting the amount of food intake. Doctors recommend this type of surgery when other methods of weight loss (i.e., diet plan and exercise) have failed. However, these surgeries come with few potential risks and complications. What type of surgery is best for you is determined by your surgeon depending upon several factors. There are several types of weight-loss surgeries and those are –

  • Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion Along With Duodenal Switch:

This procedure involves two different processes. The initial part of this surgery is gastric sleeve operation, which involves removing the major parts of the stomach and coverting it into a banana shaped pouch allowing small amount of food to pass into the small intestine. The second procedure entails separating certain part of small intestine and attaching it to the lowest part of the small intestine to make sure that pancreatic digestive juice and bile juices pass-through this instead of passing through the major parts of the stomach

Gastric Sleeve:

In this procedure, the major part of the stomach is removed while the remaining part is transformed into a banana shaped structure that holds less amount of food and nutrients. With this type of surgery, you cannot consume much food because you will feel full even if you eat small portions.

  • Gastric Bypass:

This procedure is also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. It is the most common and most preferred weight loss treatment because it fulfils two functions – lowering the absorption of nutrients into the body and reducing food intake. This procedure involves removing the upper portion of the stomach, creating a pocket-size pouch, and then cutting the upper portion of the small intestine and connecting it to the pouch to prepare a Y-shaped arrangement. This small pouch can hold a small amount of food to reduce your food intake significantly after this surgery. The food goes directly into the small pouch and, after that, inside the small intestine, bypassing the remaining portion of the small intestine. This is a very effective weight loss procedure if you maintain a regular follow up with your surgeon and Bariatric Dietician.

  • Adjustable Gastric Banding:

In this procedure, your surgeon will insert a deflated band or balloon inside the stomach and after setting it in the correct position, it will fill with air and stay there for some time. This will stretch the stomach walls and occupy the major part of the stomach, resulting in a small duct from which only less amount food can pass through to the next steps of the alimentary canal.

If your weight is not reducing, visit your doctor because they will adjust the band to occupy a greater area. This is the least effective type of bariatric surgery. However, it is the safest type of weight loss treatment because it doesn’t require any cutting.

Is It Safe to Perform Weight Loss Surgeries?

All these types of surgeries have been proven to be effective in order to lose weight if coupled with healthy weight loss practices such as appropriate diet and regular exercise. These surgeries come with few risks and complications but it is important to remember that these bariatric surgeries are not for every obese patient. The type of surgery that is perfect for you depends on your health condition and doctor’s recommendation. All of these procedures carry potential risks and complications. The risk can be minimized by choosing your bariatric surgeon who has been performing these procedures routinely and the centre is well equipped to handle all potential complications.

Also, remember that everyone’s weight loss is different. Because achieving your goal depends not only on your type of surgery but also on sticking with healthy lifestyle practices.