What After Grade 10? CBSE / ICSE / SSC or IB

Batch of 2019, has celebrated their Farewell parties and is celebrating their academic milestone with completing Grade 10 and the end of schooling years for many. In India, generally, post Grade 10 students join the Junior College and may also continue with Grade 11 and 12 as a part of the Higher Secondary school at their current institutions. What happens after Grade 10 is a big decision for many parents and students, irrelevant of the curriculum the students have completed their Grade 10 with. The

Let’s see the two key aspects in a general scenario:

It is no longer necessary to continue studying in the same curriculum post Grade 10. Many students like to join a Junior College post Grade 10 either by choice or they have to join other institutions because their school has facilities only up to Grade 10. Those colleges that do have a Junior College, offer limited seats if they are a continuation of a Secondary School. They must accommodate their own students, first who have cleared Grade 10 and then offer the remaining seats which is pretty tedious to get with the online automated allotment of available seats in Junior Colleges. It surely doesn’t make sense to struggle and work so hard in CBSE up to Grade 10 and then complete Grade 12 through the SSC board. Many students struggle to get into the rat race for admission in the science stream, find themselves studying Commerce no sooner than they joined or maybe a year later.

In Maharashtra, students have the option to complete their Grade 12 through SSC in most of the Junior Colleges, limiting the subject options within any one stream from Humanities / Arts, Commerce or Science. Grade 11 is still very early for the students to decide on the subjects they would like to pursue their career in. As we all know that Grade 12 scores somewhere define the future career options and admission to the tertiary level educational institutions, colleges/universities in India or overseas.

Is it necessary to pass Grade 10 only through CBSE / SSC / ICSE curricula?

No! Students can always study subjects of their choice at the level they are comfortable and pass their Grade 10 without the competition of 99 / 100 percent. Their grades and certificates are recognized by the best of national and international schools and colleges where they can continue to study IB Diploma Program at the best boarding schools in Maharashtra, like the Cathedral Vidya School. Here we offer the IB Diploma Program along with the facility to prepare and appear for IELTS and SAT exams the most widely recognized Language and aptitude test for university admissions.

While students are studying subjects of their choice, there are also enjoying a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle at the international residential school Lonavala. The pressures our teens face we have them here as well, but it disappears somewhere between sports and co-curricular activities, inter-house competitions and CAS trips. The 24 hours student-centric routine at the best boarding school in Mumbai gives students the opportunity to prepare for their ambitious dreams, of pursuing their next academic course in the best of universities or colleges in India or overseas.

IGCSE an IB Diploma Program helps both parents and students to avoid that unnecessary pressure of tedious tuitions and preparatory classes, and the worries involved in getting into the Junior College within the stipulated time. If the Grade 10 or 12 scores aren’t up to the mark, students also stand the opportunity to rewrite their exam papers with adequate preparation, while they continue to join their next college course with provisional admission. These are crucial years not only in terms of academic foundation but also in social skills and life skills. At this stage students are old enough to join a residential school, leaving behind the comforts of their home and family for a while to develop life skills and time management skills under the superior pastoral care at co-ed boarding schools in Pune. Students enjoy the learning process in brotherhood/sisterhood with many students who come from different backgrounds, they make new families with people they call teachers and friends; they outgrow weird qualms and fears together with the support of the counselors, teachers and their friends. It’s much easier to learn to stand up for themselves, learn to even fight back and speak up when required in the safe and supervised environment at a residential school. It gives the students the time to sit back and recognize themselves, their own potentials, overcome fears and enhance their personalities. Simple things that parents of teenagers struggle with at home can be learned and to understand more about the benefits of IGCSE and IBDP, you may contact the school Admission Office or visit the campus with a telephonic intimation. Even if your children haven’t met the cut off marks making them ineligible for admission in the Junior colleges or other institutions; your children can always continue to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at good boarding schools in Pune.

The least you can do to avoid the thought of limiting your child’s abilities, morale and self-confidence to just their academic scores in CBSE, ICSE or SSC. The young students have a candle lit at the end of the tunnel. Explore the modern face and experience of academic excellence defined by competing with yourself rather than the rigid minimum cut – off percentage required admission in some institution which may or may not be your child’s cup of tea. Let’s give them an opportunity to explore themselves and be the best version of themselves.